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01-30-2012, 02:23 PM
I`ve been following IF program for roughly 4 weeks now & although I do see some positive change, I`m not sure if I`ve hit a plateau or just peaked & will not see any more change....

Back in my 20`s, I peaked at 270lbs & was diagnosed as morbidly obese & I`m only 5`6.... Then I began martial arts training, since then, I lost roughly 100lbs in about 8 months. It has been ten years now & cannot find a way to cut anymore fat. I am currently at about 175-180lbs, still jiggly-fat (which I find devastating) & I have seen some positive change but not much. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or just peaked & must accept what is......

The Rundown:

(Current Stats) - (5`6 tall - 175/180lbs)
Mon/Wed/Fri - 5x5 StrongLifts Program

Workout A:
Barbell Rows-200lbs-5x5
Pulldowns (underhand)-190lbs-3x8
Workout B:
Overhead Press-185lbs-5x5
Cable Tricep Extensions-90lbs-3x8
Low Intensity Cardio
60min walking (Incline 3.5 - Pace 3.5)
45min cycling (Low Intensity)
1hr/30min Martial Arts Training

I train in the morning (6-7AM), coffee 15min before any workout, (coffee after any workout to kill any hunger)
Eat at 1pm (currently I`m on a 24hr IF)

Workout Days or Rest Days, I consume roughly between 1600 to 1800 calories. I think if I consume less calories I will lose more fat... ????

Should I be patient & continue with the program or change something??
Or accept that because I was morbidly obese, that I have peaked & will not change unless I have surgery? (i.e. Lipo/Abdominoplasty)
I`d like to get down to 155-160lbs (if at all possible)


Cal: 2430
Pro: 270g
Carbs: 90g
Fat: 110g
Cal: 2970
Pro: 270g
Carbs: 360g
Fat: 50g

I got these figures at: http://www.free-workout-plans-for-busy-people.com/intermittent-fasting.html

My actual macro for both rest & workout days is:
Cal: 1600/1800
Pro: 115/120g
Carbs: 120/130g
Fat: 50/60g

I eat pretty much the same thing everyday so I don`t have to spend too much time crunching numbers every time I eat. (hectic schedule)

Meal replacement shake mixed with whole ingredients such as:
Raw egg whites, 1% milk, oatmeal, almonds, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, fat free pudding, PB, sometimes apple sauce…

Sometimes on the side I will have:
Brown rice
Chicken breast
Kosher hummus
Raw peppers
Swiss chard

I don`t add salt to any of my meals
I drink roughly about 3.5 up to 5 litters of water per day

Thats about it…

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated...

The GreenHorn AKA JKD77