View Full Version : 7 Week German Squat Program (GSP) Template

02-02-2012, 05:03 PM
Hadn't been able to find a template of this online, and am considering running it after my next competition (March 17th) so after browsing around I managed to find the percentages etc for the program and made an excel template to simply type your 1RM in to and it will do the rest.

Very high volume, not for the faint of heart but I have read and seen some good results from people running the program. Both increasing 1RM and in weight gain. I am yet to run the program myself but keen to attempt it, as mentioned, after my comp in March.

Monday and Friday (or days 1 & 3) are ascending sets (6 reps, with each set a rep greater than the last set) and Wednesdays are a 'light recovery day' (5 * 15). I have also made the spreadsheet calculate tonnage etc too. 100 is the max weight to start so you can see the appropriate percentages that will be used.

Will ensure I make a journal of the program when I attempt it. If anyone else attempts it or has attempted it I would be interested in how it went!:thumbup:

NOTE: Ensure you are very modest with 1RM estimation or you will fall short.