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02-16-2012, 03:57 PM
A lot of you guys are probably familiar with me from the other forum. I made an account and posted on here before but I haven't really posted on here much. I'm not sure why I've been reading some posts and this is a great forum with some really strong guys posting here.

I'm not nearly as strong as your average lifter on this forum, but a couple of stats of mine from last year is benching 310lbs for a 1Rm, squatting in the mid to high 300's I never really did a 1Rm attempt on that and deadlift was in the low 400's. My body weight at the time being is around 217lbs at 5'9" but I want to lose a bit of weight gradually over the next few months. I haven't lifted weights in 8 months so I will be deloading and starting from the beginning.

I'm probably going to start out with a Rippetoe style program at first and get my strength back up. I'll start light using probably just the big wheels and then gradually use progressive resistance training until I reach where I was previously. I'll be squatting three times per week, deadlifting 1-2 times per week and I unfortunately cannot do any power cleans due to lack of equipment and working out in a house with flooring and I wouldn't chance putting a hole in the floor.

Once I get a routine scheduled out I'll post it as well as post out my plans and goals for the next few months. I'll update in the next few days. Thanks for having me.