View Full Version : what size metal squat suit?

02-19-2012, 05:19 PM
I just started getting into gear and picked up some stuff from elitefts last week during the sale (all the guys I lift with who use gear use Metal for suits). The bench shirt fits me great but the squat suit was way off. I just saw the quick sizing and ordered a 44 as my pelvis measure just under 41. However when I got the suit I could barely get the suit over my calves and knees. I then discovered the sizing chart that I was to dumb to scroll down and see.

My measurements are as follows
Thigh 26.5 (67cm)
Pelvis 41 (104cm)
Waist 34.5 (88cm)
Length 31 (79cm)

So I am kind of all over in terms of sizing I think, It looks like a 52 in the legs would work but then the other measurements are all to big. So I would be a 52 in the legs, 48 in the pelvis, 44 in the waist, and 48 in the length. What size should I go with? Am a bit confused on sizing. Should I go with a 52 and get it altered (really don't want to have to deal with it and not sure if they do custom)