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Saint Patrick
06-06-2002, 02:17 AM
Just wondering if anyone else here has tried buffalo meat. It's much healthier than beef - less fat/more protein, and tastes even better in my opinion. Anyone?

06-06-2002, 05:38 AM
I've had buffalo steak, and actually prefer it to most cuts of beef. I've also had buffalo-beef burgers, which are quite tasty.

06-06-2002, 07:55 AM
Good stuff :thumbup:

06-07-2002, 11:47 AM
I've only had the burgers but they were great. Ostrich is good too though a little dry.

06-07-2002, 12:14 PM
Where can you get buffalo meat?

Saint Patrick
06-10-2002, 04:26 PM
Originally posted by TryingToBeBig
Where can you get buffalo meat?

Butcher Shop.

06-12-2002, 02:17 AM
I like kangaroo

07-17-2002, 06:43 PM
Just picked up some buffalo burger and I was really surprised to find out it's 10% fat by weight. Seems a bit on the high side for such a lean cooking meat (cooks about like 4% fat beef).

Breakdown per 1/4 lb
Cal: 190
Fat: 11g
Carb: 0g
Prot: 23g

Really surprised me but seems pretty good for an isocaloric diet.

07-18-2002, 04:07 AM
I started to laugh when I saw this thread. My friend is a walking billboard for beefalo (a cross of a buffalo with any breed of cattle). I can have her send me the nutritional info tables comparing beefalo to all other meats, and yes you would be suprised. Trust me I was when I first saw it.

07-18-2002, 11:08 AM

Buffaloe tastes kinda ...musky.

Ostrich tasted ...pungent.

07-18-2002, 12:33 PM
White man kill almost all Buffalo, need leave them alone. :indian: