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04-04-2012, 08:36 PM
... It's a type of target, and an online name I've been using for awhile- so I just stuck with it. The avatar pic isn't a .50 magazine, it's a .300 Win Mag from a Mk 13.

I discovered fitness as a sport about 3 years ago in CrossFit. Until then, I had just been dong Army style push ups/pull ups/sit ups/run. I went through the starting strength to Bill Starr to CrossFit strength bias progression. I've had several shoulder injuries that give me a lot of pain with high volume type training, so about 6 months ago, I switched to more of a powerlifting template. I've been doing the Westside Template for about 4 months and have been loving it.

My first meet is coming up in 2 weeks, in which I will be lifting raw. After that, I plan on lifting geared. I'm going to stick with Westside for the squat/dl, but try the Metal Militia template for bench. My bench is pretty weak and has been lagging compared to my squat, so a change might do me good. I look forward to talking with folks much stronger than myself. More to follow...

04-05-2012, 05:50 PM
Wed April 4-

1, Thumbs on smooth- Worked up to 225 x3 for warmup

2. First time in my F6 shirt, it is a bit loose and easy to get on, it's their "meet fit" next one is definitely going to be competition fit. I could get it by myself with shirt slippers then did a light bench with slippers on to seat it a bit more. Put 275 on the bar and touched it relatively easily. I didn't have the shirt jacked at all. I did it 2 more times. It's a 15 pound PR over a rather old (about 2 months) record. I definitely could have handled a lot more, but I was by myself and wasn't confident unracking (I was in a power rack, so I at least wasn't going to kill myself).

acc 1. 155# Floor press- 10, 12, 8
acc 2. Pull ups- 18, 15, 9
Rowed 250 easy, 500 hard, 250 easy

Afternoon- mini band side raises/pull aparts/band front raises/hammer curls 50x each


Run- .5 mile @ 7:45 pace
- 20 sec on, 10 sec off @ 6:30 pace and 7.5% incline
- .5 mile @ 7:45 pace

GHD Sit Ups - 15, 10, 13 w/2x15# kettlebells

04-10-2012, 07:45 PM
Went into work today to jump on the rower.

- Rowed 5k at about a 2:10 average pace- nice and easy.

I was still feeling pretty fresh so I did two sets each of-
- Rolling tri exts w/KBs, 20#, 25#
- Hammer curls 25#, 35#
- Face pulls

Don't remember the reps, just went about 2 short of failure.

I've been lazy lately, I went on leave last week after getting home from A-stan. Meet on Saturday.