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05-10-2012, 09:14 PM
Hi. This is my first ever post. I'll try not to be too long winded but need to give some background leading up to my question.

I weighttrained/bodybuilt for about 10 yrs. Then after a layoff of 5 wks, I decided that I'd had enough. In that 5 wks, I let myself go a bit too much, put on some extra flab and now want to get rid of it...

I have decided to do weighted circuit training, with weights about 70 to 75% of my max (approx half an hr per session and intense, I feel like death by my 3rd circuit) and wrestling conditioning training at the local club (about an hour per session and still quite intense).

Now most websites say you don't have to worry about carbs post w/out after circuits, but I'm still lifting about 70 to 75% of my max per station and want to preserve as much muscle mass as possible. I understand that I will probably shrink a bit, but am happy to do so as long as I can lean up and still turn a pretty girls head LOL!!

My question is: If I want to preserve the mass, do I still need a quick carb like dextrose or can I now just go a whey protein afterwards? I'm asking because alot of sites suggest that the elevated insulin prevents fat from being burned, so if I'm trying to lose fat, it would be counter productive. But if I'm at the same time using heavy weights to help preserve as much mass as I can, wouldn't I still need the dex?

I'm on about 100g carbs a day, which is what I was using when I used to do my cutting phase. 50g coming in the form of dex immediately after my weighted circuit or wresting conditioning.

Really, I'm quite confused and all help and advice will be gratefully appreciated.

05-12-2012, 06:14 PM
You always need carbs / protein after physical activity even when cutting. Maybe it means you need to reallocate your carb servings over the day to make this happen.