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06-04-2012, 09:34 AM
First Year of training and I believe I've made some great progress. Now I'm going to be starting my first real program being HCT12 So I'm going to log every workout in this thread.

Day 1 June 2 2012

Pullups with bodyweight to warm up 4x till failure
Barbell Rows 1x10-135 , 1x8-155, 2x6-175, 1x10-135
Lat Pulldowns 1x10-120, 2x6-160, 2x6-180
Barbell Bench Press 1x10-135, 1x6-225, 1x3-275, 1x5-245
Incline Dumbell Press 1x10-45, 1x8-60, 2x6-70
Dumbell Pullovers 1x10-45, 3x6-65
Tricep Pushdown using a rope instead 4x6-60

^ Totally didn't read that Vertical Pressing properly.

Horizontal Pressing is not an incline press so i missed out on some overhead presses today

06-06-2012, 05:34 PM
Day 2 June 4 2012

10 Minutes of a bike for some warmup
Leg Quad Raises 1x10-130, 2x8-200, 1x6-230
Plate Loaded Squat Press 1x10-270, 1x8-450, 1x6-540, 1x6-590, 1x6-540
Deadlifts 1x10-135, 1x6-225, 2x6-270,
Calf Press 4x10-130 on a Leg Press Machine
Dumbbell Curl 1x8-35, 2x8-40, 1x6-35
Concentration Curl 1x8-75, 2x6-80

ABS Work
10 Minutes of swapping between 3 ab exercises with 20 second pause between each exercise aiming for 20 situps on each exercise
Ab Cruncher
A Ab Machine with plate loaded where you again crunch
situps on a ball

MY Glutes and Abs are sore.

06-06-2012, 05:42 PM
Day 3 June 6 2012

Pullups x4 till failure for warmup
Bench Press 1x10-135, 2x6-225, 1x4-245, FORCE SET 1x5-275, 1x6-225
Barbell Row 1x10-135, 4x6-185
Lat Pulldown Plate Loaded 1x10-140, 3x6-230
Overhead Press (putting bar behind head while lowering)1x10-75,2x8-100,2x6-110
^^ Going to use Barbell next time because i found it rather easy and not getting that exhausted
Skullcrushers 1x10-60, 1x8-70, 3x6-85

Energy levels were quite low at the gym today and wasn't feeling motivated to lift that weight for bench press.

06-07-2012, 02:26 PM
Day 4 June 7 2012

Lower Body Warmup
Leg raises 1x10-130, 1x8-200, 2x6-230
Plate Loaded Squat Press 1x10-270, 1x6-450, 1x6-540, 1x6-590, 1x6+2+2+2-590
Standing Calf 4x10-55 Dumbells
DeadLifts 1x10-135, 1x6-225,2x5-275,1x6+2+2+2-245
Dumbell Curls- 1x8-35, 3x6-40
Concentration Curls 3x6-70 Barbell
Decline Situps 1x20, 1x14, 1x12, 1x10

My ABS were really sore once i started using them isolated looking forward to the recovery period

06-09-2012, 03:03 PM
Day 5 June 9 2012

Bench Press 1x10-135, 1x6-185, 1x6-225,1x6-245,1x6-225,1x6-225+2+2+2
Barbell Bent Over Row 1x10-135, 1x6-185, 1x6-195,1x6 225,1x6-215+2+2
Pulldown Machine 1x10-100,1x6-160,1x6-160,1x6-180,1x6-160+2+2+2
Seated Overhead Press Dumbbells 1x8-45,1x6-50,1x6-60,1x6-60,1x6-60+2+2+2
Triceps Rope Pushdowns 1x10-50,3x6-60, 1x2-70x2
Pullups 4x till failure got about 5 reps each set

Im going to dump the bench press next time and do dumbbell flat bench because im having trouble with 225 and hopefully can break it with dumbbells.

06-11-2012, 01:58 PM
Day 6 June 11 2012

Back Squats 1x10-135, 1x8-185, 1x6-225,1x5-275 ( could barely get it done ), 1x6-245, 1x6+2+2+2-245
Deadlifts 1x10-135, 1x8-185,1x6-225,1x6-245,1x6-275,1x6+2+2+2-275
Calf Press, 4x8-90
Barbell Curl 1x10-60, 1x8-70, 1x6-80,1x5-85,1x6-75,1x6+2+2+2-75
4x cycle of crunches machine reps 20-30 , weighted situp machine 30lbs 10 reps , ball situps 10 reps

06-14-2012, 12:17 AM
Day 7 June 13

Dumbell Benchpress 1x10-45, 1x8,60, 1x6-70, 1x6-80, 1x6-85, 1x6-85, 1x6+2+2+2-80
Barbell Rows 1x10-135, 1x6-185, 1x6-205, 1x6-205, 1x6-185, 1x6-185, 1x6+2+2+2-185
Pulldowns 1x10-100, 1x8-140, 1x6-160, 1x6-180, 1x6-180, 1x6+2+2+2-180
Overhead Dumbell Press 1x8-40, 1x6-45, 1x6-50, 1x6-55 , 1x6-55, 1x6+2+2+2-55
Dips 3x10
lil bit of rope pushdowns 2x10-70

06-14-2012, 07:57 PM
Day 8 June 14

Back Squats 1x10-135, 1x6-185, 1x6-225, 1x6-225, 1x6-225, 1x6-225, 1x6-225, 1x2+2+2-245
Deadlifts 1x10-135, 1x6-185, 1x6-225, 1x6-275, 1x6-275, 1x6+2+3-275
Dumbell Curl 1x10-35, 1x6-40, 1x6-45, 1x6-45, 1x6-45, 1x6-40
Abs Leg Raises, crunches, weighted crunch machine
calfs were still sore so i left them alone