View Full Version : Need help with my truffle shuffle

06-20-2012, 11:02 AM
Im new to gear, this is the first time going full gear in training so i know i shouldnt expect to be perfect but ive got some major flaws.

My number one concern and goal is to get rid of the shakes and vibrations i have, im so shifty going up and down that its throwing my form off... any tips?


06-20-2012, 06:31 PM
Looks like you are off to a solid start.... Your form is pretty solid other than the shaking.

the shaking could be from any one of a few things... in no particular order...

It looks like you shake worse with the bands, it could just be that ( but I doubt it)
Transitioning to gear is tough, you are already strong and the gear is letting you handle huge weights, but your nervous system takes time to get used to the weight.... the reverse band training is a great tool to help this along.
It could also just be that your core is too weak to handle the weights and the gear. I lift with a very good lifter, squatting in the low 9's at 275 who shakes worse than you from 400 on up.... rattles and shakes like an old diesel on the way down but explodes up. He's done a lot recently to build his abs up and the shaking has noticeably reduced. It could just be that you need more heavy ab work.
The shifting is probably caused by your lack of experience in the gear. I can get that way too when I am feeling out new gear trying to find the groove. After you have more time in it you'll learn to drop right in to the groove from the start. IT might help to picture starting the movement by drawing your hips back first, then breaking the knees so that you sit back in to the suit from the start.

either way, good luck.

06-20-2012, 06:47 PM
I would get rid of the bands for a while. Get strong with straight weight first and once you are rock steady I would then add in other tools like bands or chains. gear has a tendency to let people skip simple training steps due to the huge increas in weight lifted. Dont forget the basics first.