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06-24-2012, 04:52 AM
hi, what are the benefits of multible sets like 5x5 , 5x3 vs. one top set of (near) maximal reps like 531 original ?

trained 5x5 texas method some time ago and it was very good for my weakest lift (benchpress) for example . i would use it for 531 too , with 3-5 x 5 reps instead of one all out set on 5th week . so my volume is much higher with the heaviest weight and without failure .

so 5x5 = 25 reps vs. 12 reps on one all out set , which set up wins on get stronger ?

06-24-2012, 10:11 AM
Both methods work. If you're a powerlifter I might tend toward the multiple sets at the highest weight (ie:5x5 etc...). The all out set is a great way to train and push yourself. Getting high rep sets is agreat way to get stronger, condition and push yourself.

You're looking for the magic answer and there isn't one. Try both and see what happens.

06-24-2012, 10:17 AM
I've done both. Both work. I enjoy going for It on my top set of 531 so I stick with that. Try both and do what you enjoy more.

06-25-2012, 10:57 PM
After I'm warmed up I usually keep it heavier and 3 reps... 5 reps tops if I'm pushing it..... more than 10 and you're a bodybuilder and need to shave your legs, that's the rule.

April Mathis
06-26-2012, 04:17 PM
I always hated doing the same weight more than once for a certain number of reps. If I'm doing rep work, I may do 3sets of the same weight to failure each time. I really never understood 3sets of 5 or 8 or whatever if you can get more on the first couple sets. Otherwise, if it's easy I just add weight. Working up in sets of 5 or 3 I would just do the same reps on every set and end at something heavy for the day whether it be a pr or not (so like 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x5 etc. until the last set is hard). The only time I do something like 3 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 3 or similar would be a light day or working on technique. I just cannot otherwise understand why do sets of 5 with a weight you can do for 12 reps. Something like 12,8,5 each stopping at or just short of failure would make so much more sense to me and then you still did 25 total reps in only 3 sets.

06-26-2012, 10:12 PM
I much, much prefer doing multiple triples over anything else. I did 1-2 hard sets mostly for 8 reps for a long time and I ended up going batshit at some point lol...

Though I must say that the most important part of training is to genuinely enjoy it, then bricks tend to fall into place imo. If you don't like doing multiple sets then don't and if you do then do, no one will get mad at you (maybe braindeads but who cares about them).

It's really important not to look for an "optimal results" program, that's just a trap imo. Have fun, bust balls, make mistakes and learn from them

06-27-2012, 06:02 AM
i do now 531 with 3-5 x 5 on 5s eek, 3-5 x 3 on 3s and 3-5 singles,or one all out set on 531 week . i was too often frustrated when i didn't hit a rep pr or missed my goal for this one set.

with this set up i have more workload with the heaviest weight on the mainmovement . its better for form and not so stressfull for my mind ... if i want, i do one topset if i feel awesome this day , but mostly i go with multible sets .

yesterday bench was 5 x 127,5 kg x 5 ..on one set i could do only 8-10 reps , so i did 25 . a lot of good work !