View Full Version : Making a Deadlift Challenge -- Opinions Wanted! (w/ Prizes)

06-24-2012, 02:35 PM
First off.. Roster:

1.Mlalahoi (ironaddicts)
4.B.Money (For fun..entry will not count)
5.Efeguwewe (tnation)
6.friscovictor (ironaddicts)
7.BendtheBar (muscleandbrawn)
8.SpeedFreak2 (bodybuilding.com)
9.kram (ironaddicts)
10.Rawteen (tnation)

I'm putting together a video submission deadlift challenge with prizes (not sure what, pending sponsors)...but I want some of your guy's opinions.

1st - We want to do this challenge by formula, to keep it fair as possible across weight classes and sexes. I'll make it easy to understand, and provide a graph so you know what weight to pick, at whatever bodyweight your at that day. We know bw multipliers don't work well for this.

2nd - We don't want a cardio deadlift challenge, so I'd like to keep the weights heavier and the reps lower. Obviously super strong guys will still have high reps in relation to most.

3rd - We don't plan on this being an "everyone's a winner" challenge... so its meant to be pretty tough.

Average to stronger guys will be hitting 1-10 reps, Elite guys may be hitting 15-20+. Its difficult to scale to everyone obviously...

With that being said, here's the chart. The higher reps the competitor hits, the higher the placing. NO weight classes, everyone is treated the same "best lifter" style.

There will be a very simple, easy to use calculator provided for exact weights to be used, depending on current bodyweight.

(rough numbers on common weight classes)


114 - 290
123 - 315
132 - 325
148 - 370
165 - 400
181 - 425
198 - 445
220 - 470
242 - 490
275 - 500
308 - 510


97 - 205
106 - 215
114 - 230
123 - 240 *
132 - 250
148 - 285
165 - 300
181 - 315
198 - 330

Again, not really looking to make this a very high rep contest. I know how us powerlifters hate reps, but if there is interest we can make it happen.

I'm sure I'll be asked for a short list of rules, but these are up for debate as well. In no way are these conclusive!

(From Requests)
-Straps allowed
-No touch and go, bar must have no flex between reps on floor
-Bar must not be dead on floor for longer than 10 seconds or set is over.

More rules later. There is no set start or end date yet for this competition. Estimated start date 3-10 days from OP)

06-25-2012, 10:55 PM
so it's a reps contest with straps allowed....?

07-06-2012, 12:17 AM
Is this still on? Can anybody join in on the fun?

07-06-2012, 04:10 AM
Just saw this, I'm in if this is still a go.