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07-06-2012, 07:33 PM
Hey guys,
I recently moved close to the Twin Cities so I now lift at my first PL gym, South Side Athletics. Since a lot of guys there lift in Multi-Ply gear, it will be an easy transition for me to also take up multiply gear.

I just got my first pair of predator briefs, size 34. I previously ordered a 38 because that was -3 from my hip size but they were really baggy. I got the 34's on by myself within 5-10 minutes, they left a little extra room in the legs (but I think that's so I can stand wide). They also felt a bit baggy in the lower glute area, but tighter in mid glute area. the I was able to hit depth pretty easily with 275 lbs ( I'm 185 lbs). . I didn't really get any more carry over (if any) than I do from my single ply hardcore w/ straps down. They did leave bruises on the front of my hips but by the end of the training session I could pretty much sit down without any weight on my back. Should I get them a bit smaller? I have a pretty slender build at 5'10", with slim hips also.

Another possible relevent piece of information is that I usually stand relatively wide in the monolift. I wasn't at my usual gym today so I had to squat in a rack and couldn't put my feet out quite as far as I usually do.

Any input would be helpful, and if they are too big where would be a good place to get them fully custom fitted since I don't want to deal directly with Inzer's one-size-fits-all measurements.

Thanks again, and lift strong!!!

07-07-2012, 12:37 AM
I loved my briefs tight TIGHT! I would say, order the legs a bit smaller. It used to take me ten minutes as well. And even longer to get them off once my legs were pumped. And yup scrapes and scars in between the legs... explain that one to the gyno. ;)

07-07-2012, 07:43 PM
A VERY general rule of thumb on multiply gear we use for beginners is that you should be able to get down to depth with a weight in briefs that is your raw max. Less weight than that means the briefs are too loose. Need more weight than that, you risk not being able to get to depth with a suit on over the briefs. These sound like they are a bit big, but not enough to have to get a smaller size. Preds are easy to alter, i.e. zip up the inside seam where you want them tighter - bring them to an upholstery shop or shoe repair store and tell them to use heavy nylon thread - instant custom gear.

Make sure someone pulls up the briefs in the back before cinching the belt, before
every set.

The marks on the front of the upper thigh are quite normal.

Good Luck!

Gregg Damminga
Twin Cities Barbell