View Full Version : Buddy McKee resigns as APF Alabama Chairman / Health reasons

07-07-2012, 09:40 PM
I'm bringing this over from PLWatch so as many of our lifters as possible will know before they put their meet schedules together for the rest of the year.

I am resigning as the APF Alabama Chairman primarily for health reasons. The stress on my family of running a meet has been a factor I've struggled with the last couple of years also. Last week I had test done to determine if I'd need back surgery to deal with my recent back issues and a mass was detected in my right kidney. A CT span was ordered and my erologist told me Tuesday it is cancer. It takes up over 1/2 of my kidney so there's no saving the kidney. He does feel sure that it is contained within the kidney and slow growing and when the kidney is removed it will be gone; no chemo or radiation. If he's correct that will be good because he said this type of cancer does not respond to either treatment. If all goes well we'll deal with the back issue after I recover from this. All of these factors make it neccessary for me to let the Al. Chair and the meet go.

The doctor said if all goes well I'll be able to still lift and compete with one kidney. I'll have to do so with some diet, supplement, and medication restrictions though. For example no high protein diets, no potassium supplementation, and no NSAIDS. Wheather I'll still be able to compete after the back is dealt with I'll confront when I get there.

I've discussed with Amy a few names of people to approach who might be interested in replacing me as chairman. Hopefully one will be named soon and the Alabama meet can go on without interuption. Watch here and on the APF/WPC site for that news.

I want to thank Garry Frank, Amy Jackson and everyone who has ever pitched in to help with the APF Alabama over the last 8+ years. I also want to thank Ernie Frantz for originally offering me the position and all who competed and created a lot of wonderful memories during that time.

If all goes well I plan to spend the rest of my time in powerlifting competing (if possible), judging, announcing and helping with meets in our area that I have the time and funds to get to when needed. I will continue to run Monster Barbell and coach the team and develope new powerlifters. I love working with these guys! And I especially plan to spend a lot more time and weekends with my wife Pam and our familly and friends enjoying the important things in life. At 56 years old it's past time to start focusing on that more.

I'll look forward to seeing old friends at meets and making new ones and making even more great memories. Thanks for all the years so far in making memories and doing what I love to do.

Thanks again everybody;

Buddy (Mastermonster) McKee