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07-11-2012, 03:04 PM
7/11 off day.

okay im stsrting a new training routine.
day1: back and traps
day2: chest and triceps
day3: calves and quads
day4: off
day5: shoulders and biceps
day6: deadlifts and hamstrings
day7: off
ill do this for a few months or till i stop gaining from it.
chest and tris:
bench press 2-4 sets 3-5reps
incline press 2-3 sets 6-12 reps
db press 2-3 sets 6-12reps
chest flies 1 set 40 reps
close grip press 2 sets 3-5reps
skull smshers 2 sets 6-12 reps
tricep extension 1 set of 40 reps.
back and traps:
cable rows 2-4 sets 3-5 reps
lat pull downs 3 sets 6-12 reps
db rows 3 sets 6-12 reps
cable rows 1 set of 40reps
bb shrugs 2 sets 3-5 reps
db shrugs 2 sets 6-12 reps
db shrugs 1 set 40 reps