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07-20-2012, 04:55 AM
So, I just began prepping for my next mee in November. Won't go into to much detail, but I am running a full 14 week old school western priodisation program for squat and dead, and I will begin benching per the 14 week cycle in week 5 once the program goes to sets of 5. For now I am doing a modified extended Smolov for bench which has added some much needed poundage very quickly to a hilariously low bench.

Squat, depth a little inconsistent, been a while since I've squatted without knee wraps so this felt a little weird. Fuck 10 reps.

Also going back to flat soled shoes instead of the heeled shoes. Just got the metal shoes and they shit all over any other flat soled shoe I have ever used.

Bench... oh bench. I am the worlds worst bencher. Pull 717. Bench 292. Yeaaaah.

Con deads... Been a damn long time since I've done these in a serious fashion. You can see years of ingrained Oly lifting habits in this pull. Ignore retarded head movements, I was experimenting with where I looked.

Sumo deads, I really need to get my hips down. I have a very distinct pulling style, but even though I have a huge deadlift, it hasn't been moving. So I'm going to break my deadlift back down and spend the next 17 or so weeks building it back up to 700+ by pulling the bar instead of the ballistic style I have been doing. I am aware I need to get my hips lower to drive the bar off the ground. Need much stronger hamstrings.

any thoughts appreciated.

Prescribed numbers for anyone interested.


07-20-2012, 06:59 AM
Per your bench, I realize that may be a crappy bench in that gym and not one you'd be on at a meet, but try to utilize different feet positioning (out, wider and back) to get more leg drive.

Per the sumos, drive your chest more upright and push your knees out. You typically need a more vertical back angle in sumo to keep the hips closer to the bar for better leverage. Your erectors are obviously strong so use that to your advantage.

Per the convo deads, you pull like a Fin. By that I mean you overpull (not a bad thing). Seems to be working for you. The head movements are extraneous like you said so try to find a position (neutral head, head up, etc) early in your cycle and try to keep it.

Squats, film from the side. That front view does not give you the info you need to tell your depth each time. Side Judges are on the side for a reason. Try sitting back more too.

Per the hamstring issue, what do you incorporate for SPP work? Do you do any stiff-legged DLs, GHRs, etc?

07-21-2012, 12:47 AM
Thanks man.

Yeah, the bench is a lot lower then a comp bench so getting the feet back is tricky, I'll try to work on it though.

I pulled really light today to work on the sumo thing. Is this better?

I got a ghr which I will set up at home to own my hamstrings some more. I am super back dominant in all my lifting, even with the strictest control I get very little from stiff leg deadlifts or gm's. I'll keep working at it though.

07-21-2012, 08:08 AM
Your back angle is much better there since you pull your chest up much earlier. Your overpull is very very very exaggerated. You should be more vertical at the top (you also risk unlocking your knees by overpulling that much and getting reds). Your speed is very very good. Again, the cheat code to sumo is vertical back, upright chest, knees out, hips close to the bar haha.

One suggestion to fix that overpull (or correct for it), is by placing a heavy heavy amount of band tension that kicks in at the knee. with light bar weight. It will be very hard to pull back like you do and you need to groove the motion to learn it. Either that or DL a few inches in front of a wall. Hit the wall, you're overpulling too much. Eventually you should be able to pull like an inch away

Yeah far out from the meet I'd hit the hammys with GHRs and I'd also hit them with some straight leg work through stiff-legged pull throughs. You can also get some mini bands or light bands and do single legged-leg curls on off days for extra volume and stiff legged walks with a sled or prowler.

07-21-2012, 12:18 PM
I don't want to give too much advice since you are much stronger then me, but I looks like you could be getting a lot more leg drive on the bench. Looks like you are only tight with your legs on the press. I found staying as tight as I could (glutes squeezed) throughout the entire movement made a world of a difference and made bench feel much more consistent. Take it for what you will though.

07-21-2012, 01:49 PM
Thanks so much guys.

The over pull happens because of how light the weight is. Keep in mind this is 35% of 1rm, the over pull stops pretty quick.


You can see how years of Oly lifting still impact my lifting a lot.

I'll work on that leg drive thing, I purposely don't flex the glutes on the way down because I feel the leg drive is much more powerful, obviously this is incorrect so I will keep working away at it.

Thanks again.

07-23-2012, 06:07 AM
Pulling with 35% is such a waste of time. The weight is so light that it won't uncover your form issues. You need to practice with weights that are heavy so you can actually pinpoint your weaknesses and correct them with some appreciable weight.

As for the overpull, there is no reason to ever do that. Regardless of weight on the bar, your lifts should all look identical.