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07-20-2012, 06:38 AM
Gonna make sure I log this entire buildup.

I went 282.5/132.5/325 @ 99.2 at my last meet. I did this with 5 weeks of preparation and a torn forearm.

Now I have my site on Proraw 4. Proraw is a small fed in Australia with 4 weight classes, 176 209 242 242+. Aim is to stack the weight classes for more head to head competition. It's much more fun when you're going toe to toe with 2-3 guys very close to you and having to get tactical with your deadlifts in order to secure placings etc.

This is my training cycle numbers mapped out. Pure old school western periodisation for the most part, same type of thing run by Coan, Capt. Kirk etc. Running a modified extended Smolov bench to get in a huge amount of frequency and volume before moving the bench in line with the traditional peaking program in week 5.


I'll kick of tomorrow.

PS. sets of 10 suck dick.

07-21-2012, 12:51 AM
Very light squats, and very light deads today. I need to grip wider but I can't because of the rack... this is gonna get interesting training at this gym.


THIS is more like it. Hips down, chest up, super tight back, just pops off the ground. Once I get into equipment, a tight as fuck dl suit will spit me out of that bottom position.

Close grip lat pull downs
4 sets, with one 3 set drop set of depth. Lats looked ridiculous.

5 sets of biceps, focused on dat contraction...

and that's all.

Cycle officially begins next week.

07-21-2012, 05:35 AM
Go get em mate, wish you all the best!!

Strong young fella!!

07-23-2012, 04:30 AM
2 or 3 years. Give or take.

AM session, meant to do this yesterday.


Complete and utter shit.

Did some light bench to the neck with 60kg and pec flyes and bounced.

Was not happening. Shit sleep, prolactin, and a whore fucking with my head... again. No fucking women. Will rejig the bench program and get back on track in a day or so. First shitty session like that in a while.

Session 2

First set. Second set was agony.

Leg extension
Ham curls
Calf raises.

Notes: Mother of god that hurt so much. So so much. Listen for the 'fuck' at the end. Kristos had to push me under the bar. I went with the thumbless grip today because I can get the first 2-3 reps out before it becomes really painful. It's not great for higer reps because my hand slips down, but for max attempts the thumbless allowed me to keep the grip reasonably narrow.

It was easy, nothing was difficult, but the pain + flat shoes just made it wonky, but it felt light and well in control. 190kg for 10's next week, and then it's on the the 8's. Never thought 8 reps would sound so sweet. 5's will be sex.