View Full Version : Strawberry Nitrean+ Review

Tom Mutaffis
08-08-2012, 07:47 AM
I received a container of the new Strawberry Nitrean+ and have been using it for the past week.

Mix-ability: As with all other ALN proteins the Nitrean+ mixes very easily in a shaker cup with no clumps or settling.
Taste: The flavoring is a bit different from the old Strawberry Nitrean and as stated on the label it is more of a 'strawberries and cream' flavor.
Profile: With the added Leucine and high quality protein you can use just one scoop where you may have used two in the past, it is also low in fat and carbohydrates which makes it great for people who are looking to improve body composition.
Overall: I am very pleased with the new Nitrean+ flavor and glad to see Strawberry back in the line up. For a quick MRP you can throw one scoop into a cup of milk and it tastes delicious (think Strawberry Nesquick or Strawberry Milkshake).

08-09-2012, 08:18 AM
Oh man that sounds delicious I cant wait to try it. ALN has really gone far beyond anyother company to supply us with the best supps in the world.

08-10-2012, 05:45 PM
I dunno about comparing quality like a lot people who buy protein supplements, but the taste they added to strawberry is great. It even has more red coloring now than the old version. I got a tub of vanilla, dutch chocolate, and strawberries and cream and they are all great. I guess I got a neapolitan protein pack. :) Though I have to say my favorite is dutch chocolate as it literally tastes like a chocolate drink. I don't care what anyone says about taste not mattering, putting this much effort into making sure we don't have to choke down our protein makes it much easier to stick with it in the long run. And it seems to be working well as I am constantly progressing in weight and reps, even with my not so organized workouts, hah...

08-20-2012, 06:08 AM
I love the supplement. It's loaded with great ingredients and it's even better on my stomach, but, it tastes awful. That's the only downfall.