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08-11-2012, 11:45 PM
I'm a New member, little background info:

23 years old, been lifting for about 4.5 years...As of right now, i am 180lbs. with around 13% body fat. Currently trying to see abs for the first time in my life. Weak bench. Not real strong at all for that matter.

my all time best-lifts are:
275x4 bench
dead lift 405x9 (no belt/straps)
squat 365x8
row: 245x6
dips: 90x3 (@210lbs)
18 pullups in 30seconds (@ 185)

As of late, I have grown real interested in strongman, but I want to complete my goal of seeing abs before I start incorporating strongman philosophy when calories are way higher.

Now, I will go over my latest training updates:

I just completed the German body composition program. designed by Charles Polinquin.
Here's what i did

Day 1 - chest + back
Day 2 - legs
Day 3 - off
Day 4 - shoulders
Day 5 - off
Day 6- day 1;
Day 7 - day 2;
so on and so forth....
I repeated this cycle 5 times

I incorporated things that I suck at; which include incline pressing and front squatting.
Definitely more defined. Legs got really defined and stayed thick. (legs are my best body part)

From months from early May - mid July (2012), I was more into "crossfit" philosophy..timed sets, circuits with tons of lunging, pulling, push presses, sprints, shit like that... but still incorporated heavy squats, deadlifts, etc..Eventually, this kind of crossed the line from lifting to conditioning, and started to get bored.

That really got me into shape BIG TIME for the german body comp, and without it I'd probably would have a much lower threshold for lactic acid tolerance.

The present
After the 5th cycle, I felt really, really drained and run down so i took this week off and start up a new routine later on today.

I am going to lay out what I will be doing in the gym, along with my diet. As you can tell, I like to write and plan stuff out. THis is just for personal reasons.
Basically, i am going to rotate between 3 methods: high volume, moderate, and low volume methods..It's going to be a body part split. I got this from an e-book written by dave tate.

So my first week, I have planned this:
Sunday- Chest and biceps (high volume, dynamic, low intensity)
monday - off
tuesday - back and triceps (moderate..repeated effort almost)
wedesnday - traps/shoulders (low volume, maximum effort)
thursday - off
friday - legs (high volume, dynamic, low intensity)
sat - off
i will eventually do steady state cardio, almost everyday..20 - 25 mins.

maximum effort exercises i will choose from:
-chest: floor press, incline barbell, weighted dips
-back: rows, pin pulls, weighted pullups
-lower body: deadlifts, box squats, front squats, conventional squats
-triceps: close grip floor/flat/incline, weighted dips
-biceps: weighted palms facing chins
-shoulders: cleans, press, clean + press

diet will be carb-cycle approach..low days, and moderate days. cheat meal as an extra meal once a week (saturday)

Alright, that's all. I promise that I wont be as wordy, and more simple and straightforward for all you. That is if anyone would even follow my log lol

08-12-2012, 03:13 PM
sunday - 8-12-12
chest and biceps - high volume

Flat bench
7 sets of 6 with 185

Incline hammer strength press
then dropset

Machine fly

Wide pushups

Hammer Curl
3 sets of 12 with 35lb

Machine Preacher
3 sets of 10
1 set dropset and static hold

Straight bar curls
3 sets of 10

Pinky Grip Cable Curl (pinky fingers only gripping the bar..pretty wide grip)
3 sets of 10

2 sets of high rep pressdowns, plus some db shrugs..tried for 100 with 65lbs, but only got 40..lame.

20 minutes steady treadmill

The whole point of these "high volume day" is that i want to engorge the muscle with as much blood as possible till it hurts. and it really hurt lol

08-14-2012, 07:17 PM
tuesday 8 - 14 - 12
back + triceps - moderate volume

Weighted Chins (litttle wider than your conventional chin-up, palms facing me)
warmups with pulluos; bodyweight x 2 x 10

i used a 4 second descent and explosive at the bottom

185 x 6
185 x 5
185 x 8 -- got mad at that last pathetic set
185 x 6

I do these like 'pendlay' rows, but of course with a controlled descent

Lat Pulldown
3 sets of 8
-One rep is this : 3 - 4 seconds pulling down, pause at bottom for 2 seconds, pause in the middle for 1 second and then back to the starting point. These really burned.

3 sets of 12

JM press (first time trying these)
3 sets of 8 with 95 lbs.
-These were with a 4 second descent, and exploding up. Never really done JM presses much before so i went light, but still made the tricep work..I made sure my form was to the T...When my forearm touched the bicep, my wrists cocked back, and exploded up using my palms.

high rep face pulls for 2 sets and 20 minutes steady treadmill.

not a bad workout. jm presses will be a staple for me after today. really enjoyed them...

side note...after browsing journals and the forum, i realized almost everyone is a professional powerlifter/strongmen. which is awesome! I feel like im out of place though. Noone seems to be doing "bodybuilding"..Now i feel like a pussy!! i have a body comp log, where dudes are pressing 500+lbs....but, goals are goals right? and i have mine, and you have yours.

Tomorrow is heavy standing presses. yes!!!!