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Big Show
05-07-2001, 05:08 PM
Right now I'm trying a different training stategy. For my large muscles such as chest and back if I do for example 4 exercises I would do 5 sets for the 1st exercise, 4 sets for the 2nd exercise & so on. Right now I seem to be getting wicked pumps. Last week when I started this I felt pumped all week. I also changed how I eat certain meals my breakfast for instance instead of 3 whites & 1 yolk it is now 3 whites and 2 yolks. I'm going to be interested to see how upping my carbs and protein will work for me. Who knows maybe my bodyweight will go up as well as my size:D

Joe Black
05-08-2001, 02:39 AM
well keep us posted! :)

05-08-2001, 10:19 AM
so you are doing 5 sets for the first, 4 sets for the second, 3 sets for the third and 2 sets for the fourth?

That's like 14 sets for a big bodypart!