View Full Version : Opticen+ Product Launch & SALE!!!

chris mason
08-21-2012, 12:31 AM
The sale starts today, Tuesday, August 21 and will run through this Saturday, August 25. Opticen+ is live for pre-order and all pre-orders will ship beginning Thursday.

Thursday, August 23 will be the official launch date for our new Opticen+ post-workout supplement. Opticen+ is an improved version of our original highly popular post-workout product, Opticen. Opticen+ incorporates 40g per serving of an improved protein matrix that mimics that of our award winning Nitrean+ (whey isolate primary, whey concentrate, hydrolyzed whey, casein, and egg proteins) for optimized net retention and thus potential utilization. In addition, we have increased its carbohydrate content to 45g per serving to make for a near optimal combination of protein and carbs (carbs are needed to replenish glycogen after training and to spike insulin to optimize the overall anabolic response) for any resistance trained athlete (bodybuilder, powerlifter, CrossFitter, or those simply looking to get into the best shape of their lives).

The sale code is Opticen+ and is good for 17% off your cart total. The sale good is good for ANY products ordered (you donít have to order Opticen+). Take advantage of this tremendous offer and try Opticen+ and or ANY of our other products such as our new Nitrean+ flavors, or our new BCAA+.
Chris Mason