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08-22-2012, 09:03 AM
I wrote up a little motivational piece that I posted on my log earlier in the week I just wanted to share with all of you. Let me know what you think.

Today I wore a shirt that said on the front NO ONE TRAINS TO LOSE. When I took it off tonight I thought about it a little and something came to me. Really does everyone train to win? I am not sure not 100% for sure. I have seen people train and just go threw the motions. How bad do you need to want it to not train to lose? Real fucking bad is the answer. Really fucking bad.

How many times have I failed at something but tried again. Several. I hate losing more than I like winning. When I drive to the gym to train I have a specfic routine that I follow every single time. I play about 5 songs that I like to listen to and I think back of all the times I have failed. I try to get the feeling back of failing. It is a sight to see. I am sure drivers on I-205 look over at me and shake their heads. I have music turned way up, Im grabbing the stering wheel so hard and I am grinding my teeth. This is the wrong time to have a road rage incident with me. I will prob flip your car over. What I am trying to do is recreate the feeling you get in your gut when you fail. Everyone has gotten this feeling. It feels like your stomache is hollow and empty you feel upset. That is the feeling I walk into the gym with every single time. I do this so I remember how bad I felt helpless after a competition and bombing out or not doing what you wanted. This feeling pushes me further than anything.

When I bring this feeling into the gym I want to go as hard as I can and do as much as I can today. Not over a month but right fucking now. Mohamad Ali said once, "The winner of the fight is chosen over days 100 of miles away with no one around." What he is refering to is training. The guy that wants it more and trains like they want it more will train harder and win. Every single time.

Courtney asked me a few weeks ago she wishes she knew what I say to myself before I bench. When I set up I quietly talk to myself. This is what I say. They dont think you can do this and they dont want you to do this. Fuck them I am going to out work them. A huge motivational thing for me is to hear I cant do something. I was recently told I couldnt cut from 275lbs to 242lbs in 5 weeks. I love it. Thats all I need to hear. Done 241 day of meet 5 weeks later. If Courtney told me tomorrow that I cant make her happy for the rest of her life. You better believe I am going to fucking step up and do work. ( Dont tell her though she uses things like this against me.) The reason I say this stuff to my self, it is a reminder of all the people that have said I cant do something. Which it is a long list of dipshits that said I cant do something.

So why do people say you cant do something? It is because they cant do it, or they cant imagine doing it themselves. Recently, Courtney told me her goals in Oly lifting. I was very happy and supportive and told her to go get it. She then told another group of people that said Courtney be realistic you probably cant do that. They are not trying to hurt her feelings they dont want her to fail her expectations. They dont think it is possible because they cant do it. Fortunatly for me and Courtney she has the will power to out work anyone. She will grind it out and accomplish her goals. Because when she wakes up that is all she thinks about. When she trains that what she wants. She has given up alot to be successful.

So what am I getting at? Anyone can say they want it. Anyone can train hard for a week. I am daring you to train hard for a fucking year. Dont miss a workout. Dont get off track. Dont have excuses. For one year put down your fucking cell phone when you train. Dont bullshit at the gym about some chick that you like. Dont do anything but get BETTER. One year isnt alot to ask when you look at the overall picture. Not at all. One year isnt shit. All you need to do is want it. Dont scream to quit, scream to keep going.