View Full Version : My Job Screwed Me Today.

06-18-2002, 12:37 PM
I had to work at 2 am and it totally screwed up my diet for today, but the funny part is I weighed in a pound lighter than yesterday, I guess that's my muscle saying goodbye......

06-18-2002, 01:22 PM
No its not, its just fluid or something.

Don't worry.

06-18-2002, 02:35 PM
You cant lose a pound of muscle just from missing a few meals ...come on.

Your body weight fluctuates all through the day...it is most definately fluid.

Camera, tape measure and mirror are the only tools you need to check your progress.

06-18-2002, 03:42 PM
Sometimes when i get sick i lose 10 pounds atleast. But as soon as i start eating normal again i get right back up their, its what they have all said, water.