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09-26-2012, 10:12 PM
Hey guys, Been a while since I last came on here, and I figured this would be the best place to get some tips.

I'm planning on doing a meet in December, it'll be my first meet, apart from one I did in high school. I've read not to worry about weight and such, I'm currently weighing about 175, So I think I'll be in the 181s and not worry too much about that.

Are there any tips you guys would suggest, as far as testing my openers a certain time before the meet, week wise, or what it is like to compete alone? The last time I did, it was with the school team.


09-27-2012, 05:25 AM
Some general tips (and you're spot on with not worrying about weight):

-Read over the federation rulebook and understand all the little details that go into a meet (can you bench on your toes, is there a start command for bench, etc.) and be present for the rules briefing at the meet (typically right before warmups start). You can also purchase a federation card before the meet or you should contact your meet director to see if they sell them there. If you have any questions, clear them with the meet director now

-Ensure you have what you need for the meet. Singlet, belt and knee high socks (if by rule) are typically all you need but if you're lifting raw, see if you can wear wrist wraps or knee sleeves/wraps and incorporate that into your training.

-I compete alone and especially if it's raw, it's no big deal. Have a good gameplan going into the meet (easy openers like something you can triple on a bad day, 2nd attempt like 92-95%, 3rd attempt PR) and don't stray from it. Don't fret about your numbers and as your first meet, worry about eating a good meal the night before and morning of and just go and set some baseline meet PRs.

-Have fun and talk to everyone. You may find a new training partner or at least will learn something new from someone. Find a group there that maybe trains nearby and once a week, travel to train your weakest lift with them.

As far as programming, December is far enough out to set a solid gameplan up. There's a good thread on peaking on the first page, but just set something up now working backward from the meet week (which should be a deload most likely). As long as you're making progress right now, don't fret about this one too much. At the minimum though, you should be practicing things like commands for all three lifts and working the pause on your bench and ensuring your squats are to proper depth, especially closer to the meet.

09-27-2012, 09:46 AM
Thank you for your reply. I will start trying to set up my training as you said to have my numbers come along.

I'm pretty excited about it, can't wait to go and meet people who love to lift too :strong: