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06-27-2002, 11:38 PM
What are some good carbs to eat on a cutting diet?Also should I mix my protein shake with milk or water when cutting?

06-28-2002, 02:04 AM
Good carbs: Rice, oatmeal, veggies

Depends on your body really, i always mix it with skim milk. But then, when i diet down i get aroun 370g of carbs A DAY, with great results (see avatar). I dont belive it is necessary to go extremely low on carbs. Go down max 20% on your calories from carbs, and when you stop loosing weight, start adding cardio, untill you have added no more than 6 sessions a 45 minutes a week. The reduce another 15% of calories from carbs. If you dont have great results then you were either carrying to much fat offseason, or you like to cheat :)

06-28-2002, 05:38 AM
Brown rice, not white.

06-28-2002, 06:44 AM
Oatmeal, whole wheat products, veggies.

06-28-2002, 07:23 AM
Originally posted by cobra2k2
Also should I mix my protein shake with milk or water when cutting?

if you can bare it, use water, milk isnt advisable while cutting coz of its sugar levels.. most people say they cant stand their whey with water, but i dont seem to mind it.. personally, i like to have bout 40-50g of whey with 200mL of water, i find the less water i mix with my whey, the better it tastes, i tried puting 50g of whey with 1lt of water, it was terrible and i had to spill it out in the sink..

06-28-2002, 02:47 PM
Yams are another good carb source.
Drink your protein shake with water while cutting to avoid the sugars in milk. Of course protein powder mixed in milk tastes better, but if you're going for taste then go buy a pizza instead.