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07-01-2002, 06:24 PM
Well, I decided since I post here everyday at work I might as well kill two birds with one stone and record my workout and other random things here.

After about 3 months of cutting I have now decided I am going to bulk for around 4-6 weeks with a little higher volume and higher reps than I have been using for around a year, it will still be lower volume than most use. I will probably lower volume for one week in the middle. Then depending on results I will cut for a short time or try hst. I am not satisfied with my bf at all but am sick of being so small and not progressing in the gym.

I am currently 6 foot or so, and around 180 at probably 10-12% bf. (hence the name), and 20 yrs old. Been working out for about a year with any real progression and knowledge. Before that it I worked out for a while with my buddies, until they quite going then for a year with no real progression, just going through the motions. I then found elite, I saw a link belial posted to wbb. I just skimmed for a long time before registering and actually posting. I have learned a lot from the memberand have been progressing much better since then. I want to thank you all for that.

When I started working out at 17 I was 6 foot and 140 lbs. I got up to around 170 but only because I ate a lot of crap. I decided if I was going to be small I might as well be cut, so I cut(badly) to 160 that is when I found this site and starting making much better gains.
A year ago I wasnt even working legs( I thought it would interfere with skateboarding), and my ohp was 85 lbs for 6. I curled what my girlfriend does now, I dipped with my bw, and I was eating like 2500 cals. Needless to say I saw vast improvements. I also gained fourty pounds from about july 01 to march 02. I have been freakin skinny all my life so gaining fat didnt bother me, and honestly still doesnt that much. But after cutting, and realizing I really only put on 15+ lbs of muscle, I am now going to be much more slow and controlled with my bulking. Even though I ate really clean, I would stall on weightgain for a little while and bump cals up, even though they probably didnt need too, I then ended up gaining too much fat.

Chest=41 or so
forearms=just under 11.5 (haha)
calves 15.5

Pr's thus far

pullups +40 x2.5 then bw x 7 (I WILL improve these)
bent bb row 135 x6
v-shape pulldowns 150x9
squats 225x6 parrallel 225x3 atf (the atf was bulking the parrallel was cutting, I enjoy atf much more and feel them in my quads more, so I am going back to them)
sldl 225x6
leg press 360+sled x 4(or 8 depending on which sled.)
calve press the same as above x18
ohp(seated) 135x6
db bench 100's x5
dips +75x4
db flys 50's x5
skulls 70 x 7 (haha everyone laugh)
bb curl 85x5
I am concentrating on back legs and arms, and may even purposley(sp) NOT progress on chest (for a week or two) to help recovery ect, with the others.

I have been out of town for a week and and am leaving again for a week tomorow, so I will start posting my workouts then. I will do a full body workout tomorow, just to give myself some type of stimulation, with the weeks off.
This has got to be the longest post I will ever write.

07-03-2002, 06:42 AM

07-08-2002, 03:50 PM
haha, thanks for the encouragement reinier.

Anyway back from vegas with the family, where I ate at pizza hut, panda express, buffet's, olive garden and the outback. Luckily I wasnt eating over maintanence and didnt gain a pound.

Now, its time to get back on track, with diet, training, ect.

I will probably take pictures of my squats to post and have people critique form, if I can figure out how to get them up.

My Diet

this week 3500 cals---360 g carbs 300 g protein 90 g fat or so.
Then increase 200 cals each week as needs be.

My routine.

reverse grip pullups 3x9,7,5 or however many i get
reverse grip bb rows 3x9,7,7
v shape pulldown 2x10
bb curls 2x9,7
hammer curls 2x9,7*optional
static holds 20 seconds 10 seconds
cable crunches 2x10

db bench 9,7
dips 9,7,7
db flys 2x10
seated OH barbel press 2x9,7
lateral raises 2x10
skulls 2x9,7
pushdowns 1x10*optional
db side bends 2x10


squats 3x9,7,5
extensions 3x9,7,7
sldl 2x9,7
calve press 2x18,15
seated 2x10,8

I will throw in calves every now and again at least 2 times weekly see if that helps out.
I will do this routine for three weeks, then go really low volume, then this for three again and see results. I will drop volume(especially arms) if progress slows or I feel the need. Feel fre to chime in with your opinion at any time. I may also post physique, and gym pics sometime if any of mine turn out.

07-09-2002, 03:38 PM
First workout to report in the journal and sad to say it pretty much sucked. I think the back to back vacations, eating crappy, and not enough, and lack of water and sleep really hurt this workout. Next week I better improve on everthing.

Also working in a higher rep range than I am used to was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Anyway.

reverse grip pullups-- bwx8,6,5
(I might change these to parralel grip or something else since I have been doing them forevere and not really improving very well)
bent bb rows---115x8 105x8 x8 might change these to tbar rows.

v-shap pulldown 140x10 x6

db shrugs 90'sx10 x9

bb curls 70x7 x4 haha pathetic. I need to do these with an ez bar since I have plates in one of my forearms and it hurts sometimes with straight bars.

hammer curls 25x9 20x9-subfailure.

cable crunches 120x13 130x8

Once I get some food in me these number really better start improving.

diet=pretty much perfect. 3700 cals, little high but thats ok.

07-10-2002, 02:22 PM

Workout--none, probably go skating tonight.

diet---mmm whole wheat pancakes.

rest---9 hours

soreness---traps really sore, as well as bi's, lats kind of sore.

07-11-2002, 01:41 PM
Holy cow, another dissapointing workout. Dont ask, cuz I dont know.

weight 180.0 ( I actually lost .2 lbs even with 1000 cal increase. I'm going up to 3700-3800)


db bench 80's x8 x6

dips +35x7 25x5 x6 I got a freakin charlie horse in my ham on the 2nd rep of 25's. pathetic.

flys 40's x7:confused:

ohp 115x5+1 95x7 I have been doing 135 x6 on back day for a while so this was just horrible, doing shoulders on chest day was really hard.

lateral raises 15's x11 x9

tri pushdowns 60x8 50x10 +drop set right arm 20x4

side bends--not done.

I dont know what to say.

rest-almost 8 hours

diet--perfect so far.

On the more posative side, my shoulders looked damn striated while working out today, and I looked alright.

other tidbits-
On the way home from the gym the guy in front of me was turning right and was doing so very very very slowly and wasnt getting over at all. So I honked the horn, cuz the guy was going like 5 and its a 40 mph street. Well the guy slams on his brakes and completely stops. I'm stuck with people going by me and coming up behing me at 50 mph, and this guy stops cuz I honked at him. So I lay on the horn, and then drive around him into the parking lot he was driving into. I jump out of my car and walk over to his. He gets out holding his cell phone, and I just went off, about how people could have easily been killed, what if the people behind me didnt see how fast I stoped ect. He knew he was a dumbass so he just walked into the store saying "ya whatever"

It was imature on my part, but seriously I wanted to hit him so bad.

07-12-2002, 06:06 PM

Soreness---front delts, chest, tris all really sore.

diet--perfecto so far

rest---9 hours

Legs tomorow, I can't freakin wait, even though I have to wake up early to hit em.

07-13-2002, 11:21 AM

Last night I ate 1/2 a caramello bar and 3/4 thing of pringles. Oh well.

workout--4:30 (my whole day was screwed up)
weight 181.5

atf squats 185 x8 x7 x4

Sldl 225x6 185x9 These where so heavy after squats, gonna drop a little weight and get more reps on the first set.

extensions 160x10 x8 x7 I really liked these, since its been a while since doing them. My whole body was shaking on the last rep.

calve press 4 1/2 plates(left machine) x15 x12
seated calves x?

Diet- over the weekend was good, but its hard to get cals on sunday, since I wake up late.

soreness-I am hobbling like an old man. Everything hurts.

Going to help my sister move out some furniture tonight. That's about it.

07-16-2002, 03:21 PM
Better back workout, not great but better.

weight=182.8 whoah

pullups--x9.5 x5.5 x4.5 first rep up 3lbs and 1.5 reps, rest kind of sucked.

t-bar row(with barbell and vgrip)bar+110x8 100x8.5 100x6

vgrip pulldown-145x8 130x7 not good. I was fried at this point.

shrugs 90's x11 x7 up one rep, grip in left hand was hurting, the muscle didnt give out, the joint just hurt really bad.
superset with 50'sx7

ezbar curl 70x8 x5 up one rep each set, but different bar.

hammer 25x10 x4 second set subfailure first set up one rep.

cable crunch 130x12 up ten pounds down one rep.

My rear delts where so pumped, they where poking out, it was pretty cool. Pretty quick workout as well, so that was nice.

Misc-- Last night, as my brothers where sneaking in cokes, and candy into the movie, I have my half gallon of milk and wheat bread wraped up in my coat, haha.

07-17-2002, 04:35 PM
Just got back from the U of U, met with my advisor to plan out my classes, future, etc. I declared my major as excercise sports science and thats the way i will be headed, but I'm still not sure of where I want to head or what I want to do. huh.
We talked about physical therapy, personal training, foods and nutrition and some others, most of them are masters programs, but we'll see when I get a bit further. I am confident I can do whatever I choose to, but I'm not really sure what careers interest me. oh well, we'll see. Anyone with some insight go ahead and chime in.

Diet--not enough cals, I will make up for it later.

rest-- 8.5 hours

Soreness--rear delts really sore, usually my lats get so sore, but not today, wierd. I gotta focus on using my back more. Legs still sore.

07-18-2002, 02:20 PM

Pretty fun chest day.
weight=182.1 stupid fluctuations

db bench 80'sx9 x 6 --up one on the first set

dips+35x8 +25x7 x6 -up one on first set up two on second set. Overall really deep and clean, felt good.

flys 40x8 35'sx7 up one rep on first set.

ohp 115x6 95x 7 up on rep and felt a lot stronger.

lateral raises--skipped due to sore rear delts.

cable pushdowns 60x12 x8 up four reps and two reps, I dont know maybe they oiled the pulleys.

side bends 80'sx11 x 8 My traps looked hyoooge doing these. ha.

Overall, on ok session, nothing great but some descent improvement, and I liked it.

diet---great so far.

soreness--legs still a bit sore. my hip is acting strange, need to stretch more.

rest--8.5 hours

07-18-2002, 05:06 PM
my advice on your major is choosing something that really interests you. i know most people say go for what will make you money and give you a career, but that wa snever a path for me, as i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up, and i'm easily distracted. so i chose anthropology. it's something i adored. of course it set me up nicely for my career choice of techno-geek, if you get my point.

07-19-2002, 04:23 PM
Thanks for the reply Tryska, I appreciate it.

That's what I was thinking as well, I need to really enjoy what I am doing or I will not have the desire to do well at it. I declared my major as excercicse and sports science, now I just need to confirm a specific area of study. I will figure it out in time.

I was laid off yesterday, so that adds to my ball of stress. Especially since it was out of the clear blue, and I will be moving in a few weeks and need money for rent, deposit, fixing my car, paying off my car ect. I am really strapped, but life goes on and its still good stuff. I wont be posting nearly as much here anymore, seeing as that was work related:) , but I am still going to keep my journal updated and check the site out as much as possible.

Got lots to do in the next while and will be applying to a lot of places, including GNC, which is hiring. Any tips, there, Belial.:)

Diet--lunch with my dad makes for a cheat meal, but Im staying at around 3800 cals for at least another week.

soreness--anterior delts and chest sore, as well as obliques, tris not very sore. Legs seem fully recovered, finally.

sleep--almost 9 hours.

Excited for legs tomorow.

07-20-2002, 09:12 AM
sorry to hear that, but know the feeling. Happenned to me a while ago, and it took 4 months but i bounced back....i'm sure you'll be able to do it quicker then that. :)

and as far as picking a concentration..yeah, juist go with the flow, and it will come to ya.

07-20-2002, 02:53 PM
Thanks for the support T.

Intense freakin leg day. I actually had to grab the garbage can and put it next to the squat rack(where it should be anyway)

ATF sqwats--190x9 x6 x4 up one rep and 5 lbs on first set, 2nd and 3rd set up 5 lbs.

SLDL--215x9.5 x6 up 3 reps but down 10 lbs, much much better. These felt really strong today, I actually got 10 but the last one sucked. second set was subfailure.

leg extensions 170x10 x7 160x7 up 10 lbs on first two sets.

leg press calve raises on much heavier sled 4 1/2 plates per x 12 x9

seated 2 plates real slow x 9

My stomach wasnt doing so hot this morning, and I was almost throwing up throughout this whole workout. I would finish a set and colapse. It really feels good to press your face against the cold metal on machines when you feel sick, looks gay, but feels good.

07-26-2002, 06:16 PM
Havent been online for a while, so I gotta get updated.
I freakin hate looking for a place to live and worrying about finding a job and upcoming school etc. Anyway, had an interview at GNC yesterday, I should hear back from them by monday, the only thing is I am not sure if I can live off that little pay. The commision should help but who knows how much I can actually make off that. Anyway.
This whole week is lowered volume and only like 2 sets to failure at the most. Kind of a recovery week, I weighed 185, so I'm gaining a bit fast, gotta watch that.

pullups stayed at 9
t bar rows 110x9 up one and subfailure.
v shape pulldown 140x7 subfailure, pretty freakin weak.
shrugs 90x8 easy
bb curl 70x8 subfailure

07-26-2002, 06:20 PM

db bench 85'sx7 up 5lbs but down 2 reps
dips+35 8 subfailure--much easier
flys 35'sx8 subfailure
tri pushdowns 60x12 subfailure
ohp 105x8 subfailure
lateral raises 20x8 sub
side bends 85sx10

Looking forward to improving next week.

08-01-2002, 07:14 PM
Well, its been awhile. I got offered a job today, but I am still waiting for a call back after the interview at gnc, as I would rather work there. Ah well.

Subfailure leg day on saturday went ok. Although sldl really sucked 225 for like 6 just short of failure, I better progress this week. This guy was taking up the squat rack for like 30 minutes just doing calve raises and looooong stretches, finaly this guy just took it over and forced him to move. pretty funny, since the guy was a nut, and was mumbling to me the whole time about how I really need to stretch if I am going to go that low. Anyway.


db bench 85'sx8 80'sx7 up one rep on first set really really hard

dips+35x9 up one rep +25x 7 my chest was seriously freakin ripping on these. I fell it was really good form, super low. My chesty hurted.

db flys 40'sx9 35xs 7 up one rep on first set, didnt really push second set. Felt good.

OHP 115 6+1 95x6+1 up one rep, second set should have been better, didnt rest enogh.

lateral raises 20'sx10 15'sx8 sub failure, first set up 5 pounds each hand.

tri pushdowns 70x9 x6 up 10 lbs.

side bends 85'sx11 I look the biggest doing this movement. Pretty funny actually but its just cuz I am pumped by then.

Fun workout, descent progression. Back is where I want to see some serious progression, so Im going to keep the volume lower with chest. Well see.

08-03-2002, 02:07 PM

weight 186

Had to rush leg day since my workout partner had to sing at a religious function. It was alright though.

ATF Squats 195x8 x5-6lost count 185x6 up one rep on every set.
leg extensions 180x10 x7 up 10 lbs
rushed through calves so I'm not really sure, light light stiffs as well, My back and hams needs the recovery.

Really stressed lately, finding a place to live and whatnot, which isnt like me at all, but I will get over it.

soreness--chest, anterior delts really sore, back still kinda sore.

Diet- sticking with 38-3900 for a while now. Eating really clean lately.