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11-06-2012, 06:01 PM
Heres a little background information...
Hawaiian x Portuguese mixbreed with some asian and white thrown in there who was more concerned with helping his classmates get stronger with proper technique than sticking to a particular routine through the end and actually seeing the results. strangely enough i had some pretty decent (at the time) weights in my mid to late teens. leg press on a swing-type hammer strength machine 1000+, bench 5x225 at 16, when my other classmates could barely get 1rm @225, 2x385 full ROM squat, blah blah blah.

so the foundation was there when i went back into the weight room 2 years after graduating high school. early 20s, new supplements from AtLarge Nutrition (first and only protein/meal replacement i have bought since) and a pathetic 195 1rm flat bench and struggling to rep 225 squats. sad, i know. the good thing is that i had some awesome workout partners in my friends, Kelden, Micah, Jordon and Jon. with their help and a myriad of exercises from heavy compound movements to lighter weight iso movements on both the machines and with free weights, i was able to hit my personal bests of 365 flat bench, 405 squat, and whatever the max load was for out leg press machine. haha!

jump forward 3 years. laid off of work (carpenters union), sedentary and just getting disgustingly fat overall (loose 42'' waist at something like 260#) i decided to make a life change and go see the army and marine recruiters. army said come back when i lose weight, marines told me to come exercise with them during the week. as you can tell, the choice was simple. oorah devil dogs! this was the start of a nearly yearlong journey to lose 50+# while still maintaining a decent strength level to easily pass our PFT. grew to love running (scenery in hawaii sure helped) and put in anywhere from 8-10 miles a day. all the while progressively getting a little stronger month by month. i was at the point where at 215 i could do 13 wide grip (as wide as our bar let me) pull ups and easily cranked out the 100 crunches needed for those easy 100pts. struggled to lose the last few pounds and just made my shipping weight at 208lb in early june of this year.

in basic training i shrank to 195# and a 32/33'' waist and lost A LOT of strength. the next month after basic didnt help me in any way shape or form either since i had something like 70 MREs during that months time. now im in my school for my MOS and actually have time to hit the weights.

this is where my journey back to my glorious youth begins! :cool:

OCT 31, 2012
neck - 16.5''
chest - 46''
bicep - 15.25''(L) 15''(R)
forearm - 13''(L) 13.25''(R)
waist - 33''
thigh - 23''(L) 23.5''(R)
calf - 17.75''(L) 17.75''(R)

11-06-2012, 06:02 PM
yeah, i know... WALL OF WORDS! HAHA. heres the meat and potatoes:

week one, when i decide to jump back into the gym and re-familiarize myself with the weights again.

Mon. OCT 15, 2012
-1 mi warm up - 10 minutes
-Shoulder Press 12x95 10x105 8x115
-Side Lat Raise 10x15 8x20 6x25
-Bent Over Lat Raise 10x15 8x20 6x25
-Front Lat Raise 10x15 8x20 6x25
-Shrugs 12x135 10x185 8x205 6x215

Tues. OCT 16, 2012
-Barbell Rows 10x115 10x135 10x155 10x175 10x185 <- last set was too heavy to do properly
-Chin Ups 30xbodyweight <-broken into sets of 6 because im weak like that
-Deadlift 10x225 8x 255 6x275 5x285 5x285
-Close Grip Pull Down 10x105 10x120 10x120 10x135
-Dumbell Rows 12x40 10x50 10x60
-Back Extensions 10x35 10x45 10x70

Wed. OCT 17, 2012
-Incline Bench 8x135 8x145 6x155 5x155 (couldnt get last rep)
-Flat Bench 8x135 8x155, 6x175 5x185 (see above)
-Incline DB Press 8x40 8x50 8x55 6x60
-DB Flyes 8x30 6x35 6x35
-Incline Flyes 8x30 6x35 4x40
-Wide Grip Press (iso) 10x140 10x160 10x170
-DB Pull Over 8x60 8x50 8x50 (shoulder pain)

Thurs. OCT 18, 2012
-Tricep Press (Cable w/ rope) 10x60 8x80 6x90 6x100
-Overhead Press (Seated, DB) 10x60 8x65 6x70 6x75
-Lying Extensions (DB) 10x25 8x30 6x35
-Dips 10/8/6xBodyweight (didnt do em. haha.)
-Alternating DB Curl 8x20 8x20 8x25 8x25 8x30 8x30 8x35 8x40
-Preacher Curl 45# to failure 45# to failure 9x55
-Cable Curl 15x50 15x60 100x40
-Concentration Curls 10x10 10x10 10x15 10x20

Fri. OCT 19, 2012
-Leg Extensions 10x100 10x120 10x140 10x160
-Squats 12x185 12x205 12x225 12x245 (parallel, not full ROM)
-Leg Press 12x300 12x350 12x400
-Hack Squat 5x250 5x260 5x270 5x280 5x280 5x290 5x290
-Romanian DL 10x225 10x235 10x245 10x255
-Lying Leg Curl 10x70 10x80 10x90 10x100
-Seated Leg Curl 5x70 5x70 5x80 5x80 5x90 5x100
-Standing Calf Raise 20x200, 20x220 20x240 20x260
-Leg Press Calf Raise 20x200 20x210 20x220 20x225
-Seated Calf Raise 12x180 12x190 12x200 12x210 12x220 12x225 12x225

11-06-2012, 06:27 PM
Mon. OCT 22, 2012
-Shoulder Press (iso) 12x90 10x100 8x110 6x120
-Seated DB Press 10x40 8x45 6x50
-Side Lat Raise 10x20 8x25 6x30
-Bent Over Lat Raise 10x20 8x25 6x30
-Front Lat Raise 10x20 8x25 6x30
-Cable Upright Row (rope) 10x50 8x60 6x80
-Seated Row to Neck (rope) 10x50 8x60 6x75
-DB Shrugs 12x90 10x95 8x100 6x110

Tues. OCT 23, 2012
-Bent Over BB Row 10x115 10x135 10x155 8x175 8x185
-Sumo Deadlift 10x225 8x265 6x276 5x285
-Neutral Grip Pull Up 30xBodyweight
-Lat Pull Down 12x105 10x120 8x135 6x150
-DB Row (to hip) 12x50 10x55 8x60 6x65
-Chest Supported Row (iso) 10x45 8x55 6x70
-Back Extensions 10x55 10x65 10x75

Wed. OCT 24, 2012
-Flat Bench Press 12x135 10x155 8x175 6x195
-Incline Bench 12x115 10x135 8x145 6x155
-Decline Bench 12x135 10x155 8x175 6x185
-Flat DB Flyes 10x35 8x40 6x45
-Low/Med/High Cable Flyes 10x25 10x25 10x25

Thurs. OCT 25, 2012
-Tricep Press (seated) 10x80 10x90 10x100 10x110
-Overhead Tricep Extension 15x65 12x70 10x75
-Close Grip Bench Press 5x135 5x145 5x155 5x160
-Hammer Curl 15x35 12x40 10x45
-BB Curls 10x45 10x50 8x55 8x60
-Cable Curls 15x50 15x60 100x40
-Cable Tricep Press 15x50 15x60 100x40
-DB Kick Back 15x20 15x25 15x30
-Concentration Curls 15x15 15x20 15x20

Fri. OCT 26, 2012

11-06-2012, 06:47 PM
Mon. OCT 29, 2012
-Shoulder Press (iso) 12x120 10x130 8x140 6x150
-Seated DB Press 10x45 8x50 5x55 (couldnt lock out last rep)
-Side Lat Raise 10x20 10x25 10x25
-Front Lat Raise 10x20 10x25 10x25
-Bent Over Lat Raise 10x20 10x25 10x25
-Cable Upright Row (rope) 10x60 8x70 6x80
-Seated Row (to neck) 10x60 8x70 6x80
-DB Shrugs 12x80 10x90 10x95 10x100

Tues. OCT 30, 2012
-Bent Over BB Row 12x135 10x155 8x175 6x195
-Sumo Deadlift 10x255 8x265 6x275 5x285
-Neutral Grip Pull Up 30xBodyweight
-Lat Pulldown 12x120 10x135 8x150 6x165
-DB Row (to hip) 10x55 10x60 10x65 10x70
-Chest Supported Row (iso) 10x70 10x80 10x90
-Back Extension (neg) 10x45 10x45 10x45

Wed. OCT 31, 2012
-Flat Bench 12x145 10x165 10x185 8x195
-Incline Bench 12x125 10x145 10x155 8x165
-Decline Bench 12x145 10x165 10x185 8x195
-DB Flyes 12x35 10x30 10x30 (lots of discomfort in R shoulder, dropped weight to finish w/ good form)

Thurs. NOV 1, 2012
-Seated Tricep Press 10x100 10x120 10x140 10x150
-Overhead Tricep Extension 12x70 10x75 10x80
-Close Grip Bench Press 5x135 5x145 5x155 5x160
-Hammer Curls 15x35 12x40 10x45
-EZ Bar Curls 10x50 10x50 10x60 10x60
-Concentration Curls 15x15 15x20 15x20
-DB Kickbacks 15x20 15x25 15x25

Fri. NOV 2, 2012
-Squats 12x185 12x205 12x225 12x245
-Leg Press 12x365 12x405 12x425
-Hack Squat 5x260 5x270 5x280 5x290 5x300
-Standing Calf Raises 20x220 20x240 20x260 20x270
-Seated Calf Raises 12x200 12x210 8x220 8x230 8x240
-Leg Extensions 12x120 12x140 12x160 12x180
-Seated Leg Curls 12x100 12x120 12x140 12x160
-Laying Leg Curls 12x100 12x120 12x140 12x160 12x180

11-06-2012, 06:47 PM
Starting a 4 day split taken from one of the hypertrophy articles here on WBB.

Monday November 5, 2012
1) Incline BB Press (5x6) 155, 165, 175, 185, 185
2) Neutral Grip Pullup (4x6) bodyweight
3) Flat Bench Neutral DB Press (4x8) 35, 45, 55, 65
4) Bent Over Lat Raise (4x8) 20, 25, 30, 25 <-form got sloppy at 30#, dropped weight for last set
5) Barbell Push Press (4x8) 95, 105, 115, 120 <-DNF all reps at 120. probably gonna keep this weight next week too. damn you weak shoulders!
6) EZ Curls (4x6) 40, 50, 60, 70
7) Single Arm Preacher Curl (machine) (2x25) 10, 20
8) Russian BB Twist (3x8) 45, 50, 55 <-new to me exercise, feeling out the weight. really liking it though!

11-06-2012, 06:48 PM
Tuesday November 6, 2012
1) Broad Jump (4x4) bodyweight
2) Sumo Deadlift (5x6) 255, 215, XXX, XXX, XXX <- this is where todays workout went to shit. fuck. see thread: Deadlift Help (http://www.wannabebig.com/forums/showthread.php?161553-Deadlift-help)
3) Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat (4x8) 95, 95, 105, 115
4) Romanian Deadlift (3x8) XXX, XXX, XXX <- fuck it, didnt do it. see #2
5) Hack Squat (3x15) 205 225, 245
6a) Jump Rope (5x60sec) bodyweight
6b) Seated Calf Raise (4x10) 170, 180, 190, 200

today was a shitty day all in all. hooray!

11-06-2012, 06:48 PM
supposed to be a rest day, but me being the overzealous person i am decided to do core today (taken from the "forget crunches" article)...followed by a PFT at noon. :bang:

Wednesday November 7, 2012
1) Planks 5x20sec
2) Side Plank 5x20sec
3) Kneeling Pallof 5x30sec (10sec bouts)
4) Anti Extension Pallof Press 5x30sec (10sec bouts)
5) Salute Plank 5x20sec (switch hand every 5 seconds)
6) Foot Drops 5x20
7) Plate Slide 4x4plates (move plate every 5 seconds)
8) X-Plank 5x5-10sec

took too damn long with myself and a partner both working out. would more than likely be a killer with less rest between exercises.

11-08-2012, 08:01 PM
Thursday November 8, 2012
1) Board Press (6x3) 185 205 215 225 245 <- woohoo!! had trouble with 225 for one rep last week and was able to get all three at 245 unassisted
2) Wide Chest Supported Row (5x6) 145 145 150 155 160
3) Half Dips (heavy forward lean) (4x8) bodyweight
4) High Pull (4x6) 115 125 130 135
5) Single Overhead DB Press (4x8) 30 30 30 30
6) Ring Pushups (3xfailure) bodyweight
7a) Chin Ups (3x8) bodyweight
7b) Barbell Rollout (3x8)

11-09-2012, 03:57 PM
Friday NOV 9, 2012
1) 30'' Box Jumps (5x3)
2) Squats (5x6) 185, 205, 225, 225, 245 <- was supposed to be front squats but the 1st set put a lot of pressure on my wrists so i decided to do regular back squats (touch and go on bench). need to get back to full ROM squats
3) Elevated DB Reverse Lunge (4x8) 40, 50, 60, 70
4) DB Jump Squats 30, 40, 50
5) SHELC (3x8) Bodyweight
6a) Jump Rope (4x45sec)
6b) Calf Raises (4x10) 90, 100, 125, 150

did 225 twice because i actually wasnt able to stand back up after relaxing my legs when my ass hit the bench. sad times when you can bench more than you can squat. shit.

11-12-2012, 07:49 PM
Monday November 12, 2012
1) Incline Barbell Press (5x6) 165, 175, 185, 195, 215
2) Neutral Grip Pull Up (4x6) Bodyweight
3) Flat Bench Neutral DB Press (4x8) 40, 50, 60, 70 <- did two sets at 70# because i let the weight sit too long on the first set and wasnt able to get all 8. finished all 8 reps on the second set at 70 though.
4) Bent Over Lateral Raise (4x8) 20, 20, 25, 30
5) Barbell Push Press 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 <- did 8x125 and was ambitious with the 135. only got 6 reps at 135 but looking forward to hitting that next week and hopefully push for 8x140
6) EZ Curls (4x6) 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 <- did 8 reps of each and went on to 80 just for the hell of it.
7) Single Arm Preacher Curl (2x25) 20, 30
8) Russian Barbell Twist (3x8) 50, 55, 60 <- no area to do this at the gym today. will do tomorrow when my normal gym opens back up

11-13-2012, 02:26 PM
Tuesday November 13, 2012
1) Broad Jump (4x4)
2) Sumo Deadlift (5x6) 255, 265, 275, 285, 295
3) Bulgarian Split Squat (4x8) 95, 105, 115, 125
4) Romanian Deadlift (3x8) 225, 235, 245
5) Hack Squat (3x15) 230, 250, 260
6) Seated Calf Raise (4x10) 170, 180, 190, 200
7) Glute/Ham Raise (4x8)

no jump rope today, didnt have enough time