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07-03-2002, 11:44 AM
Monday... Chest and Triceps
Tuesday... Quads and Hams
Wednesday... Delts
Thursday... Calves, Abs, and Forearms
Friday... Back and Biceps
Saturday... Off
Sunday... Off

Chest, Triceps
Flat Bb bp, Incline Flyes, Incline barbell bench, Close Grip Bench, Dips

Quads & Hams
Squats, Stiffleg Deadlifts, Front Squat, Leg Curls

Military Press, Upright Rows, Front DB raises, Seated bent over DB laterals

Calves, Abs, Forearms
standing calve raises, seated calve raises
Weighted Crunchs, Twist Crunches, Hanging Leglifts (Or reverse crunches)
Reverse barbell curls, farmers walk

Back and biceps
Palms Away Pullups, Shrugs, DB Rows, Deads, Barbell Curls, Concentration Curls, Hammer Curls


8:00 - 4 Whole eggs, cup oatmeal, 2 banana's

10:00 - Whey with milk, cup of oatmeal, banana

12:00 - Chicken Breast, Rice, Brocolli

1:00 - Work

3:00 - Sunflower seeds, a cup at most

6:00 - off work

6:30 - Chicken Breast, Brocolli
7:45 - WO
8:45 - Whey with grape juice (20 oz's), banana

9:30 - Tuna, Brocolli, Milk

10:30 - Cottage Cheese

11:00 - Sleep

Starting weight: 168lbs
BF: 11%-13%
Goal weight: 185lbs