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Jeremy Ray
05-12-2001, 09:19 PM
Starting a new diet and resting up for Thursday. Thursday I wll max on Cleans, Bench, and Squat.

Meal 1
1 cup Milk 2% w/ Whey Protein
4 cups Water

Meal 2
Milk skim
White bread

Meal 3
Milk 2% w/ Whey Protein
Peanut Butter
White bread
4 cups Water

Meal 4
Chicken Breast
Cottage cheese
Turkey slices
White bread
4 cups Water

Meal 5
1 can of Tuna
6 cup Water

Total Calories ~ 3024.65
Carbs ~ 348.18
Fat ~ 83.04
Protein ~ 226.21

Jeremy Ray
05-14-2001, 04:23 PM
We lifted today, to my surprise. Also recorded weight and height, I'm a tad shorter than I thought. Must of been my shoes and hair that was throwing it off before:(
So I'm at 5'11" and 178.5 lbs now. My ego's sore now, must grow.

So far my diet has been on track.

Did Squats, Bench, and just Clean Pulls today. Squated 275 for 3, then ran out of time. I only got up to 195 for 1 on bench. I'm getting worse on that.:( On pulls I got up to 280.

Tomorrow we do Vertical Jump and medicine ball or something, nor for sure what I do with that. Last max on Vertical Jump was 28.5". I'm hoping to get past 30"

Jeremy Ray
05-15-2001, 04:51 PM
Used up the last of my oatmeal this morning. Will have to buy some more soon and think of a replacement.

I got 31.5" on vertical jump. And the medicine ball throw thingy I got 20.2 ft.

Jeremy Ray
05-17-2001, 06:17 PM
Decided to change white bread to wheat, my diet was a tad off today due to being busy afterschool.

Yesterday we did the L-Test. Something to test how well we change directions. I got 8.01. Not real good.

Today was broad jump and the lift-a-thon. Broad jump I got the best in the school, to my knowledge. I jumped 9'6", beating 8'11".

Lift-a-thon went ok, got 2/3 goals. I did squats last and they were lousy. Only got 1 of my attempts at 300. Bench was ok, got my goal of 220. (squat) Cleans went excellent, broke the record with 280 lbs (old record was 275). Total weight was 800 lbs. And I made $64 with that.

I'm sore now, next week I'll try to better my weight when we can max in class.

Jeremy Ray
05-18-2001, 04:08 PM
My supplements came in today. Creatine and Glutamine. Upon further research of glutamine I decided to not use it till cutting.

Tested 40 yd dash today. I got 4.64

Mystic Eric
05-18-2001, 05:49 PM
jeremy, use glutamine after your work out, and before bed as well

Jeremy Ray
06-05-2001, 07:15 PM
Started working out again. Had to take a small break between school being let out and summer school starting.

Did 3x6 on Clean Pulls. Hands were hurting, will get some gloves eventually.:(
3x10 on DB Incline Bench
2x10 on Squats (ran out of time for the 3rd set)

Squats killed me. On the first half I went ass to floor, but towards the end I could only go parallel.

We're also working with 2 partners now. Both are better than my last partner and we all challenge each other, should be a good summer.