View Full Version : Any opinions on this diet?? need some help thanx.

05-12-2001, 10:03 PM
Meal 1
1cup Eggbeater
1whole egg
1/2 scoop protein
1cup oats

1serving MRP
2cups milk
100g whole wheat bread

1 bagel
200g turkey

Homemade protein bar
(30g protein, 23g fat, 20g carb)

80g Malto
40g Protein

Meal6(hour after)
200g chicken breast
1cup quick oats
2tbsp Peanutbutter

1can Tuna
1Tbsp Flex seed oil
1/2 cup oats

Total 3700kcal
400g carb
300g protein
100g fat

Hows this diet looks like?? need some help
I'm looking to gain some more mass.. looking to get to 170 before the School starts... i am at 150lb at this point with 12% BF ( not sure.. but i have some love handle, but i can still see my abs in the morning .. not defined though..)

05-13-2001, 06:37 AM
It sounds like you don't wanna get any more love handles, and if you don't then I'd drop the carbs. Do you have a high metabolism?? If you don't like Anthony does.. (he's a freak though) I think 300-350g per day is good. As for your protein, that looks a little high as well. You don't need that much. Try lowering it to 200-250 grams, 250 is the extreme high though. Your body can't use that much protein. Other than these two it looks to be good... Some Questions for ya...

1. Is that over 70 g of protein in meal one??
2. How much of the fat is unsaturated?
3. Could you show your fat intake at each meal?
It looks to be kinda up and down throughout
the day.

05-13-2001, 07:30 AM
Thanx ninja turtle..... :D
Nope, protein in the meal 1 is 55g. protein powder is simply whey so 1scoop =10g of protein...

out of 100g, 20g is saturated fat. Those are from Ground Turkey, eggs, chicken, Peanut Butter... Is that too high?

7:00 meal1 - 11g fat, 62g carb, 54g protein
10:00 Meal2 - 7g fats, 64g carb, 52g protein
12:30 Meal3 - 18g fat, 62g carb, 47g protein
3:00 Meal4 - 19g fat, 23g carb, 26g protein(pre workout)
5:30 Meal5 - 3g fat, 80g carb, 40g protein
7:00 Meal6 - 25g fat, 58g carb, 70g protein(15g=from oats)
9:30 Meal7 - 15g fat, 27g carb, 33g protein
100g fat(20g saturated), 376g carb, 322g protein

So should i drop 76g of carb and 100g of protein??... i was thinking of bulking diet so that's why i made it up..

Do i have fast metabolism??... donno.
all i can say is that i weigh 150, and i lost weights on 2700kcal diet....

05-13-2001, 08:06 AM
Yes I think you should drop the Protein by 100 grams but since you're trying to gain some mass, keep the carbs about where they're at. Now that I think about it, that amount of carbs will be fine. Personally when I count grams of protein, I count the meat and whey, if theres protein in the oats I dont' count it. (weird I know) As for the saturated fat, in my opinion it shouldn't be any higher than 10-15% of the total fat intake. However, everyone needs peanut butter right?? mmmmm....peanut butter

More Questions:
1. How long before your workout is Meal 4?
2. Do you really wanna have 27 g of carbs with your
nightly meal?? It'll turn to fat ma' boy. tuttut
3. Is Malto-Meal good?

05-13-2001, 08:20 AM
To be honest, I eat like a madman every night before bed. I have four lbs in a month to show for it, and I look much better and bigger than before.

I'm thinking I must agree with Cackerot on late night meals going only to fat = myth, especially if you train hard.

05-13-2001, 08:26 AM
workout starts at 4:00 and ends at 5:00.
So it's about an hour before my workout... so i think it's ok..
Well one of the reason that i put 1/2 cup in night meal is that i was little convinced about the carb meal before night will help not to go into catabolic state..
If you say that's not goood.. hmm... i'm having another thought..
Maybe i'll just put that carb into afer workout as banana

i was thinking about subtituding last 2tbsp peanut butter with 1TbspPB and 1tsp of flexseed oil.. waddya think?
Maltomeal taste like.. um... i dont wana talk about it.. lol actually it's not that bad.. i can barely taste the taste of malto cuz my malto is sorta "flavored" it's still sticky and fulffy but oh wellz..
i was thinking of just having 4scoops of Nlarge..

05-13-2001, 08:26 AM
u are the only one who's replyiung this thingy..

05-13-2001, 08:43 AM
is that homemade protein bar any good? if it is, give me a recipe. Oh, do you use th mrp for coveniance, or just because?

05-13-2001, 09:05 AM
NO, that many carbs before bed isn't good. I really don't give a rats a$s what cack says, it WILL turn into fat. Just eat protein and you'll be fine. If you wanna through that banana in after your workout go ahead. Or if you wanna do the 4 scoops of Nlarge do that too, but just remember that 4 scoops of NLarge is 52 g Protein, 88 g carbs, 5 g fat (3 sat) and has like 28 or 29 g of sugar in it. Don't do the banana AND the NLarge, that'll be to much for post-workout. As for the fat, I think that one tblsp of PB and one of Flax is good, don't change it. Hope this helps some. Oh, and hit me with an email with the recipe to that Protein Bar, it sounds pretty good.

05-13-2001, 02:19 PM
I do use MRP for convineience..
I dont have any MRP at this point .. but i would just buy some... or i'll just have some sandwich with some protein powder.. but i dont have that time to eat between classes..
oh protein bar recipe eh?..
this protein bar is the best one as far as the taste goes.
i'm not gana give u guys recipe!! i'm gana HOG IT!!!
Check ur Email Mutant!

05-13-2001, 05:58 PM
8 egg whites
1 whole egg
1 cup oats
11g fat(1g sat), 60g carb,43g protein(30g animal)

1 Bagel
150g chicken breast
1Tbsp Peanut Butter
12g fat(2g sat), 58g carb,45g protein(35g animal)

2 tbsp canola oil
1 Bagel
150g chicken breast
17g fat(2g sat),56g carb, 46g protein(35g animal)

19g fat(4g sat), 23g carb, 26g protein

80g carb
40g protein
(post training)

150g chicken breast
1 cup Oats
1Tbsp canola oil
22g fat(2g sat), 53g carb, 46g protein(35g animal)

1Tbsp Canola oil
4 egg whites
1 cup skim milk
14g fat(1g sat), 14g carb, 20g protein(20g animal)

Total = 95g fat(12g sat), 351g carb, 266g protein(211g animal)

What about this now.. i made some change as u told me spidey

05-13-2001, 06:33 PM
That looks to be much improved. Very nice. :cool: