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07-04-2002, 09:14 PM
Everyone is doing it. So I might a well.

Feeling really depressed as of late. Last week I was pumped telling myself Your going to hit the gym, do cardio and you are going to look great. Well Did ALOT of research this week and My attitude changed. I swear I changed my diet and my plan Daily and NEVER stuck with anything. Right Now I am just so lost andHave not a clue on what to do.

I mean I want to Tone up and lose this excess fat. I just want to be a great looking guy. Being big and Ugly for most of my teenage life did not give me a whole lot of self esteem. Recenltly I lost weight and I look better than before my now I want to set me goals higher. So At first I was going to do a bulkig diet but I dont want to put on fat [Even thought the muscle would be nice], So I decided to do a cutting diet to lose this damn Body Fat and then once that is done I will give thought to gaining some Nice Muscles.

I still want to do a cutting diet but I have lost SOOOOO much Motivation and I want to go to he Gym and lift weights but whats the use when my carbs will be reduced to like 50g and my protein intake will be increased to ALOT. And just trying to get the right amount of this and is so hard especially trying to get all that potein in. I JUST WANT TO GIVE UP. BUT I can't I MUST do this for my self and my self esteem. Maybe I'l just do 5 days of body excersises along with this cutting diet to keep some kind of form. AHHHHHH I wish I had someone next to me who knew everything about dieting and fitness and could just give me some answers on how to lose body fat and tone up.

:cry: That is what I want to do.

Hopefully tomorrow's entry will be a more positive one and hopefully I can get something going.

Till Next Time............
The Lip

07-04-2002, 09:16 PM
here's what you do, take a few deep breaths, and stop worrying :)

Stress = bad.

Enjoy your life and lift, if you worry too much you won't get anything done, so work hard for whatever you choose.

07-04-2002, 10:40 PM
Well I did lose around 25 pounds [Granted some may havebeen Muscle] But I look alot better than before. So I need to congratulate myself. In the last month I pretty much stood the same and my carb levels were threw the roof. So I can lower my carb intake, do My cardio 4 times a week and lift to tone and I will be fine. I have to try at least or I will soak here and not a thing will get done.

and I don't want to be a Body Builder so I wont have to go threw the bulking phase as much as you guys do. [You guys do some hard work though.]

Right now I pretty much look good, Just have to workout and the body will adjust.

Tomorrow I will Adjust Eating Plans But I just want to post my routine I plan to follow

Mon- Bicep/Back/Abs
Ez Curls
Preacher Curls
Bent Over Rows
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets for each excersise. Start w/ a Light weight and increase it every set. 3 set will be my max till failure.

Tues- Cardio before my First Meal

Wed- Legs/Abs
Calf Raises
Hamstring Curls
Hanging Leg Raises

Thurs- Cardio Before first meal

Fri- Chest/Tri/Shoulders/Abs
Dumbell Bench Press
Incline Dumbell Bench Press
Dumbell Flyes
Shouder Press
Tricep Pushdowns
Skull Crushers
hanging Leg Raises

Sat, Sun- Cardio Before First Meal.

Whenever I am bored I will just ride bike Around NYC for my legs. Get out as much as possible. I will also most likely Do Pull Ups and Push ups during my workouts.

Question for anyone who reads my journal.

Should I eat right after my workout or wait 60 min?

Till Next Time.........
The Lip

07-05-2002, 04:07 PM
Today I was really motivated for some reason and Tomorrow I start My new Life so tospeak.

Today, Iam just planning what I will do and eat and I even bought my first 2 cases of Whey Protiein. Thank god there was a sale and I got 2 big jars for only 20 each. They smell really good but I know they probably taste like S**T. We willsee tomorrow after my workout. In the next months I m going to be really active so I am looking foward to that and I know I will do wellif I dont give up. Since All I want to do is Tone up I wont have it as hard as alll thebodybuilders do. You guy really do have it hard. ANyway that's it for now. I will probaby write another entry before I go to bed. We will see.

Till Next Time.........
The Lip

07-06-2002, 02:02 PM
Well..... Today I had a Protein Shake for the first time w some Soy Milk and Ahhhhhh It was toio good, but it was'nt thatb ad. I think I will get use to it. I just drink it and hold my nose.

I feel as If Today is a start of a whole new beginning for me. I finnaly have a diet and workout plan in place that has not been change. So I dont have to stress anymore. Monday I hit the gym and I am hoping for a very good workout, I hope I leave the gym satisfied and I think I will. Only time will tell.

......I have really come along way from like 5 months ago when all I did was stay around the house eat eat and eat and just get fatter. 5'7' 175 is not too attractive. 5'7' 145 is alot better but now it's time to tone up and just drop a few more pounds to get to the way I want to be. I KNOW I will do it. I have wanted this for a very long time and now I am going to accomplish this. A goal I had for about 4 years now. 4 long years. But lets not dwell on the past lets looks towards the future and my future will be a bright one.

Till Next time..........
The Lip

07-16-2002, 07:25 PM
I'm back and happier than ever.

FINNALLY I am back on my workout plan and I am very motivated now and all I do is fill myself with positive thoughts,

My Sister who is an ex-gymnast wants to get back in the great shape she was. [she looks great now but wants to be really toned like she was in the past.] SO I convinced her to workout with me and THe timing could'nt be better because we will be able to motivate eachother when we dont want to workout. Like when i am too tired to jog in the A.M. she will slap me and say get up and of course I am going to want to get up because I dont want to look lazy in front of her.

So it's great to finnaly have someone to workout with and motivate me.

Till Next Time......
The Lip