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07-07-2002, 10:13 PM
Hey guys. This question is more for the Woman of the site. My wife had my baby last June she is 5'5 180lbs and her ideal weight is 135. She work 8 to 5 and only eats like once a day. My question for you is, What would a good diet for her be? How could she get all her nutrition and be able too lose weight the HEALTHY WAY. And would Xenadrine or Hydroxycut be smart for her to take?????? That is what I need help at. Women or Men. Just give some advice. it would be greatly appriciated.:help:

07-07-2002, 11:52 PM
I dunno about the Xenadrine or Hydroxycut...I probably wouldn't suggest it for a recooperating body.

The diet itself is more important. First of all, one meal a day won't cut it. I'd try to work that up to at least 5 small meals a day. Be sure to eat clean foods.

Some cardio would do some good too I bet.

Podium Kreatin
07-08-2002, 07:01 AM
if she's breast feeding, i would suggest talking to a doctor first.

07-08-2002, 07:30 AM
I also suggest you dont buy any of that ideal weight crap

07-08-2002, 08:52 AM
yeah if she's bnreast feeding she should talk to her doc, but docs give sucky nutrtition advice. I know her calories are gonna have tob e pretty high in order to produce milk.

incidentally..breastfeeding helps women to lose baby weight from what i understand.

that and some activity. she'll need to be eating more then once a day as shao-lin said.

if she sits at a desk all day, it is really quite easy to get 3 meals in a day, plus breakfast first thing in the morning before leaving the house and dinner when she gets home.

they don't have to be huge meals, but meals none the less.

07-08-2002, 10:09 AM
Originally posted by Reinier
I also suggest you dont buy any of that ideal weight crap

:withstupi !!!!!