View Full Version : Meet Writeup and Video - Push Pull 1405 Total

11-15-2012, 08:56 AM
Just a brief intro to my training and obstacles this year before I get into the meet summary. Done this meet last year and ended up with a 660 bench and a 700 DL. Shortly after the meet in November 2011 I injured my shoulder (torn labrum) playing with the kids at the park of all places, pushing a bunch of kids on the merry go round. I guess it was a movement my shoulder was not accustomed to. Days into the pain it hurt really bad. I done plenty of rotator exercises to loosen the joints before training. It seemed as though any pushing movement of any weight came with excruciating pain. I worked on getting this healed up for 6-7 months and got really frustrated with it not healing as fast as I had hoped, and thought I was going to have to have surgery. Finally mid summer the shoulder pain finally faded away and I started hitting some heavy weight again but I eased into it. I was finally able to get back in the 400 lb range for my sets and then set my sights on doing this meet. I set up my routine about 12 weeks out and was hitting some good numbers even doing low 500lb raw sets. Getting back in my single ply shirt was tough at first because I had not been in it for nearly a year. I never really got comfortable in the shirt until 3 weeks out. At this point I envisioned a 700lb bench goal at the meet in my single ply katana.

Given my setback on my bench this year I was able to have good success with my deadlift. I had hit 790 in training and really wanted an 800 lb meet DL. As my luck goes I strained a muscle in mid back around 5 weeks out doing heavy rack pulls. I took two weeks off and done two DL sessions at weeks 3 and 2 out and my pulls were much weaker.

Meet day had arrived and after getting to the meet I saw there was a much bigger crowd than the year before, over 100 lifters. I weighed in at 269, I never cut weight for a meet. Too many bad experiences. Given the turnout, I knew I was in for a long day after seeing 5 flights of squat were posted. The meet started shortly after 8 a.m. and around 1:00 I was in the first flight of bench thankfully. Warmups went extremely well. I opened with 650 lbs and it felt like 135, probably as smooth and controlled as you'll ever see. Went up really quick. All whites. I jump to 700 on my 2nd attempt and it went really well, all whites there as well. My goal had been met, to get a 700 lb meet bench. I went for 725 on my third and it felt really good as well, very controlled on the descent and flew up after the press command but I got a little excited at how fast it was coming up and let it float up too far and lost it. Big thanks to my spotters there.

It was 5 hours after bench before I was able to do deadlift. By that point it was after 6 p.m. and I was cramping up really bad. I had one of my guys to put horse liniment on my back to try to alleviate the cramping and it seemed to help. I opened conservatively with 675 and it was a breeze. I went to 705 on my second attempt just to get a meet PR and nailed it no problem. My crew wanted me to take a big jump to about 775 on my third but I did not have enough confidence given what I had been through with the pulled muscle to attempt that. Being more realistic I told them 740. I stepped up to my third attempt and about the time I reach down to get the bar I felt my right hamstring knot up. I pulled anyways and it was coming up really fast till I got above the knee and it felt like my hammy was literally tearing off so I shift the majority of the weight to my left leg to try to lock out and got nearly vertical with the lift about 99% but the pain was so bad I had to set it back down. I had a 45lb meet PR so I was happy. All in the meet was 13 hours and I was pooped. I had the 2nd highest bench behind a multi-ply lifter and had the highest overall deadlift even though it downright sucked. Here is the meet video, hopefully it will embed.