View Full Version : 365 x 9 incline bench!!

Justin Randal
11-15-2012, 10:27 AM
Very happy with this! This was an old pre pec tear PR that I finally managed to match (and almost passed) 1.5yrs later. Took me long enough!!


11-16-2012, 03:19 AM
Hah! Impressive! But how the HELL did you not get that 10th...???

11-16-2012, 01:54 PM
Good work bro

11-16-2012, 03:48 PM
Nice set.

Tim K
11-16-2012, 05:57 PM
9 reps looked easy... heck 9.75 reps looked easy! Nice benching!

chris mason
11-16-2012, 11:11 PM
Strong Justin!

Brian Hopper
11-17-2012, 04:37 AM
Very impressive Justin!!!!