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11-19-2012, 09:55 PM
Hi My name is Ross Bowsher 31, assistant strength coach for football at Purdue University. I coordinate the strength and conditioning for the BIGS (offensive and Defensive line-man)

I Have competed in powerlifting since 2005 all multi-ply I have a pro total at 242, and elite totals at 275 and 308.

Best comp lifts are 242- 825 squat-520 bench- 700 deadlift...275 sq-875, bp 585, dl 705,
308- sq 875, bp 580, deadlift 700

I have not competed since August 2011. I am preparing for my first ever single ply meet I will compete at 242 my goal is to try and get in the top 5 national rank in each lift in the SPF single ply open,and total 2000 single ply at 242.

Hope you enjoy my jog. I am 12 weeks out right now...Ross Bowsher

My weekly training schedule

Monday - ME deadlift , back work, biceps, core
Tuesday- ME bench, triceps, upper back, rear delts, Flys and push ups for pec prehab.
Wednesday - Recovery cardio and metabolic circuit work (sled, sledge hammer, med ball throws ect)
Thursday - ME Squats, leg press, GHR and Core Pec Rehab work, Biceps triceps
Friday- Cardio recovery and Metabolic circuit work w posterior chain emphasis

11-19-2012, 09:57 PM
Day 1 Max effort Deadlift and Back training

Core warm up circuit
A1. Pull Down Abs 5x50
A2. Med ball triple ext bsh throws 5x5
A3. Sand Bag Sit ups 5x20
A4. Face Pulls 5x20

Sumo deadlift )(plates 2 inches off ground)
add single ply briefs and belt

A1. Speed Deadlifts conventional raw 6 singles w 325 + 100 pounds in chains
A2. 5 sec eccentric close stance leg press 6x10 500 pounds

Back assistant work

10 sets of 10 reps wide grip lat pull downs

KBell Sumo swing w a shrug 2x20 75lbs

Band Pull-Aparts 3x20

Hammer curls 5x10

Kbell Curls 2x10

Plate 21's 2x21

AB power circuit

A1. 100 pound sand bag bash throws 3x5
A2. Sledge hammer swing into a tire 3x25
A3. Sit ups on ball w mini band

11-20-2012, 02:38 PM
ME Bench press

Core Warm up
A1. Rope AB pull downs 5x50
A2. Med Ball Press and Throw 5x5
A3. Sit Ups w bands 5x20
A4. Plate Front raises 5x10
A5. Sand bag tricep extension throws 5x5

Speed Bench press
160 + 200 pound In chains 8 sets of 3 reps (close grip)
Regular grip bench press
185 + 200 Pound In Chains x1
205 + 200 Pound In Chains x1
225 + 200 pound in Chains x1
265 + 200 pound in chains x1
285 + 200 pound in chains x1

Banded DB bench press
40 + doubled purple band x20
40 + doubled purple and Mini band x15
40 + doubled purple and 2 doubled mini bands x8

Football bar tricep extensions 5x10

Standing vgrip lat pull downs 5x10

cable flys 3x33

push downs 3x20

Hammer curls 5x10

Sledge hammer swings into tire 3x50

Band pull aparts 2x50

11-21-2012, 02:55 PM
GPP metabolic conditioning

30 min bike
5 rounds
sled rows 50 yards
med ball chest pass 5x20
Sledge hammer tire bashes 5x25

11-22-2012, 09:10 PM
ME Squat

GPP warm ups
A1. green band ab pull downs 5x25
A2. Rear delt flys 5x25
A3. Hammer curls 5x25
A4. Band gm 5x25

Giant Camberd Bar squats
500x5 me for reps

Band DB Bench Press 50lbs + doubled light band 4x12

Vgrip seated rows 4x12

Band gms green 5x25

Green band push downs 4x20

hammer curls 3x25

21's 3x21

11-23-2012, 09:04 AM
Ross, I remember you from another forum a number of years ago, you helped me out with sage advice when I first started lifting. I look forward to following your progress here and wish you the best.

11-26-2012, 08:16 PM
Monday Max effort deadlift

GPP warm up
a1. ab pull downs 3x33
a2. med ball slams 3x5
a3. stability ball banded sit ups 3x20
a4. lat pull downs 3x20

Max effort Vogepole deadlift- its a very close stance RDl type pull off a 1 inch plate. Helps my starting strength..belt only
625x1 ** got a video below of this

Super set of speed deadlifts and 5 second eccentric leg press
speed deadlifts 6 singles w365 and 40 pound of chain
6x10 leg press 5 count down

Lat pull downs 10 sets of 10 reps (10 different grips)

Metabolic circuit
A1. Sit ups 3x20
A2. Sledge hammer swings into tire 3x33
A3. Band Hammer curls 3x25
A4. Sled row and curl 3x50 yards

video of my pull today and another video my friend Jennifer put made for me of my last training block which the goal was a 42 inch box jump holding a 75 pound sand bag.



11-26-2012, 08:19 PM
Ross, I remember you from another forum a number of years ago, you helped me out with sage advice when I first started lifting. I look forward to following your progress here and wish you the best.

Thanks man glad to be back giving my training and competition full effort again missed it.