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05-15-2001, 04:56 AM
i was wondering of there were any experienced people here who could give me some advice about my diet? i posted my trainin programme over in the training section and through feedback i have decieded to set my goals to reducing my bf fromaround 20% down to 15% by the end of september but keeping my weight at my present 200lbs!:D when giving advice take into account that i am a poor student but i will start creatine and whey after my exams finish in early june.

meal 1: two bowls of cereal (muesli or cherios)
two pieces of brown toast

meal 2: 2 pieces of fruit,
2 pieces of toast

meal 3: some sort of meat sandwich or leftover meals from last nights dinner. piece of fruit, yogurt

meal 4: whatever mum puts on the table in front of me

meal 5: friut or yogurt or toast or whatever is in the house!

i know that i should be gettin more protien and as i say in will be hittin the whey soon but i was wonderin what u guys would suggest about easy to make snacks to boost carbs and protien levels bearing in mind that i want to reduce my bf levels??????????????????????


05-15-2001, 05:19 AM
No offence Bro .... but your diet REALLY REALLY SUCKS.

Good Sources of Carbs

Rice Brown and White. Brown being better
Bread Whole Wheat




Don't worry about em ... Im sure your get plenty from your mothers cooking. lol

Try and eat protein with every meal and stick to it and the result will amaze you. :)

05-20-2001, 07:30 AM
well thankx for the constructive ctritiscism yatesyboy,:rolleyes:
but what i really wanted to know was in what quantities should i be consuming all these lovely nutrients. i know i should be taking 200g of protein to build up muscle but how much carbs and calories should i be taking in to try to lose body fat without losing any muscle mass???BigBadAd