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12-03-2012, 05:39 PM
Hey guys. Some of you may know me from some other sites. I used to spend way too much time on these boards, but here lately, not enough. I'm basically starting from scratch here. I've really let myself go over the last year and a half. It all started when I was medically discharged from the Army during basic training for failure to meet their medical requirements. I found out I have hypertension, tachycardia and high cholesterol. It seems like since then, I've put on way too much weight and just let myself go. That was two years ago and today, it's about worse than it's ever been.

Basically, I'm much too young to feel this damn old. I'm 23 and have been married for two years. My wife and I had a son in May of this year, and this is supposed to be the prime of my life, but instead, I feel worse than I have in a long time. I know this board is filled with tons of elite powerlifters, bodybuilders and basically some phenomenal lifters. My lifts compared to you guys aren't worth bragging about at all. My bench was 305, squat was 365 and overhead press was 175. I quit lifting and have been lifting weights again for about 3 weeks.

The last time I trained I was only about strength, but now I want to try a more well-rounded approach. I want good endurance, conditioning, strength and speed/mobility. I like Joe DeFrancos training styles. I know I'm not nearly advanced enough at the moment to try a conjugate method/westside template even modified for athletes, but I've found a more linear method for gains. Here's the routine I've chose to get me back in the ballpark to where I was.

3X5 Squat
3X5 Press
3X5 Weighted Pullups
3X10 Bench Press
3X10 Barbell Rows

3X3 Squat
3X5 Front Squat
5X3 Power Cleans
3X5 Deadlift
3X10 Hanging Leg Raises

3X5 Squat
3X5 Bench Press
3X5 Barbell Rows
3X10 Weighted Dips or CGBP
3X10 Pullups

Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be doing conditioning drills. I've always loved amateur boxing, so I'll be using boxing as a method of cardio, as well as running. I'm trying to get some strength up and get some weight down. Thanks for having me guys, I'm glad to be apart of your community.


01-09-2013, 12:19 PM
Well I've been back to training for 3 months now after an 18 month break and I'm getting some pretty decent progression.

I did some maxing on January 2nd and ended up bench pressing 275, but I definitely feel like I could have got more. Back in December I got 335 on squats and 345 on deadlifts, but I haven't tested them this month. I know those lifts aren't much, but considering I've only been back to training for 3 months I think they're pretty decent lifts.