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12-08-2012, 06:06 PM

I'm a gym lifter trying to just become as strong as possible raw (belt only). I work a ton of hours, have 3 kids, and am very domesticated. My training has been very inconsistent over the past 5 years. I've been back at it hard for around 8 months and hope to gets some helpful hints on this board. I'm 5'10 280 pounds drug free. Ive been dealing eith nagging injuries that have held me back somewhat. My left elbow is killing me and I get a pec pull every now and then. Ive thrown my back out s ton of times. I did a month of rehab...no sq, BP, or dl and hope to continue to make progress. I am weak as piss for my size. In terms of a routine I'm trying not to over think things....just get in the gym and SFW depending on how I feel. Constructive feedback is welcome....

Anyway here goes:

Stretch and roll
Gripper: worked up to 205x2 PR
Cable x over
Elbow stretches

Bench press: 50x20; 140x8; 190x6; 230x5; 270x3; 310x3x3
Incline db press: 40x12; 80x8; 120x5 or 6
decline fly: 15x10; 25x3x8-10...do these for pec stretching and strength to prevent more pec pulls
BTN pull down: 75x12; 120x6; 165x3x6
Wide grip upright row: 50x8; 80x6; 110x3x7
Tricep press: 30x20; 60x 12; 90x2x4-6; 70x2x8 staggered with
Incline curl: 15x10; 30x6; 50x5; 40x6; 30x7

The tricep press is similar to a jm press with an ez bar and were a bitch on the elbow

12-11-2012, 07:41 PM
Deadlift day...

Stretch and roll
Gripper: 45x25
Band good morning

Sumo deads: 50x10; 140x6; 230x5; 320x5; 370x5; 410x6 easy
Manta ray pause squats: 140x10; 230x2x5
Med grip pull down: up to 180x3x6
Grappler abs: 50x2x12
Hyperext: 3x6 bdywt


12-13-2012, 08:48 AM
Stretch and roll
Gripper: up to 90x20
Cable x over

Close grip 2 board: 45x20; 135x8; 185x6; add boards 225x5; 275x5; 3-5x3; 365x3 easy...left a few in the tank because I never train back to back

Standing military: 50x8; 100x6; 140x5; 180x7

One db row: up to 110 x:x6

Dine...was starving and had to pick my kid up at middle school.

12-17-2012, 12:48 PM
Stretch and roll
Gripper: up to 135x10
Band good morn

Squats: 50x8; 140x6; 230x5; 320x3; 370x3; 410x2; 450x4
Sumo straight leg deads: 50x8; 140x5; 230x5; 280x3; 330x5
Leg ext: 3 sets
Straight leg sit up: bdywt x8; add 70x2x5

12-19-2012, 10:25 AM
Gripper: light
Pec dec: 3 light sets

Bench press: 50x20; 140x8; shoulders felt fatigued...190x6....shoulders still felt fatigued....230x5; 270x3; 300x2; 330x2x2 fast
Paused 1" off chest: 280x2x5 felt this in the tris too
Incline db press: 45x8; 85x6; 125x5
Decline fly: 15x8; 30x2x7
Hammer curl: 25x6; 45x5; 65x7; 45x8; 25x12
Band pd: 1 blue x 20; 2blues x4x12-20

12-21-2012, 05:26 AM
Stretch and roll
Cable x over

BTN pull down: 105x12; 135x8; 180x3x5
Wide grip upright row: 45x8; 95x6; 120x3x7
Sumo deads: 50x8; 140x5; 230x5; 320x3; 410x2; 460x2
Manta ray Olympic pause squats: 140x8; 230x3; 280x5
Grappler50x10; 55x2x10
Hyperext: 0x6; add 35x2x5