View Full Version : Help with CKD Training Split

07-19-2002, 02:59 PM
What should my training schedule look like while doing a ckd? So far it's been like this...

Mon - arms/back
Tues - Legs/Abs
Wed - Chest / Tri's
Thr - off/cardio
Fri - Depletition Workout/cardio
Sat - Off/Carb up
Sun - Off/Carb up

I was wondering if I should be working out on Saturday and Sunday or if those days should be off. Any thoughts on the matter?

07-19-2002, 04:10 PM
You should try to limit all your weight training to the first two days after carb up. Since you are doing a 2-day refeed, you may also try lifting after 36 hours of eating as your cells will have sufficient glycogen to lift. I follow the following:

Mon: legs/back/bis/calves
Tues: chest/delts/tris/abs
Wed - Fri: cardio at my discretion (but no more than 35 min a day)
Sat: depletion wo late afternoon, start carb up
Sun: carb up all day and enjoy my day off

My refeeds have been between 24-30 hours long with every 3-4 weeks I extend that to almost 48 hours just for good measure.

I suggest you use your first training day for the areas that require the most energy (legs especially).