View Full Version : sumo in conventional suit

04-10-2013, 09:38 PM
Has anyone ever tried pulling sumo in a metal king pro conventional suit?

04-11-2013, 08:47 AM
No but I pulled in a conventional stance single ply when I switched to sumo before just pulling in a loose wide stance DL suit. A few observations.

Make sure:
1 - You can setup properly. Just because you throw the suit on doesn't mean you will pull more. If your setup is garbage with the suit, your pull will be inefficient. Great thing about DLing though is that you don't have to load the bar with heavy amounts to practice this.

2 - You should be able to keep you knees out. If the suit does not allow for this (tight hips in a conventional suit), again, you're not maximizing the carryover when hip extension kicks in. Metal suits seem to be built for guys like Ano, who are long and have thin legs. Not sure if the pro suit has a harness like a Super Centurion does.

3 - Ideally, you'd have a suit that overcomes your weakness. Most sumo guys fail off the floor so being tight in the hips will allow you to break the floor easily. Some fail because they're T-Rexs and need tight straps to keep more upright to help drive the bar through once it's mid-shin.

If this is a gift or a hand-me-down, go ahead and try it. But from the description and from lifters I've known who've worn it, if it's new and fits well, it should be hard as hell to get to the bar. This doesn't seem like the best option for a sumo puller.

04-18-2013, 07:59 PM
Thanks for the feed back, I gave it a try it's not very tight in the hips but still seems to give a good pop off the floor, I bought this suit a while back when I was pulling conventional and ended up switching so it's been collecting dust o figured I'd try it. After the first run I decided to keep working in it I believe as I work on form it'll only get better!

04-19-2013, 08:58 AM
Ive pulled sumo with a metal pro squatter which i think is a medium stance suit. It worked pretty good. i wouldnt go too wide it in though. My shins were even with the rings.