View Full Version : My first contest ~~~~

04-18-2013, 01:20 PM
In my mind, I became a bodybuilder (in terms of mindset) when I joined the forum at wannabebig.com Chris, and everyone on here have been more than helpful and I do appreciate it ~ so I figured I needed to post my first contest thread here.

My supplements:
Nitrean + (Vanilla or Strawberry)

I'm starting this thread with the disclosure up front: I am behind schedule on my prep. I'm 9 weeks out from my contest date (June 15), and I may have to use that first contest as a "dress rehersal" for another contest later in the summer ~ to give me more time to lean out.

Losing more than 1 lb per week seems to be a difficult proposition ~ and I need to be losing 2 lbs a week to get into form. I recently (within the last 3-4 weeks have gotten a good diet together), and I am finally on the right track. The reflection in the mirror looks better, but the number on the scale is not moving fast enough.

Injuries: Right Shoulder, & Left Quad have really held me back in my preparation, and my chest and legs have taken a hit in size and strength, though both are hopefully getting close to normal health again.

I'm 45 years old.

Here are some pics documenting my progress from where I started last year up to today.