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05-24-2013, 05:53 AM
Just cruising some other forums and am so frustrated about the idiocy I see. Really, people are complaining about Dan Green taking the slack out of the bar before he pulls. Also, I'm sick of the pause calls for raw benching. It's not a pause, it's motionless. I have completed in powerlifting now in 4 decades. This cry for a long pause is ridiculous. This was never a standard. The crazy multiply has changed this. Yes, the call can take a while because for some the descent takes forever. Also, people get that hover close to the chest so it looks like they are there forever.

Brandon Lilly had a youtube video of a meet from the 70's or 80's. I forget the lifter's name, but he is revered. Forgive my memory, I'm old. In addition I am at work so I cannot pull up youtube here. Anyway, there was no discernible pause. It looked no different than Mendelson's 715. People need to let of go of this old time revisionist history. It was funny, Bryant Gumbel was doing commentary. One guy buried his squat and another cut his close. They discussed how some guys will try to cut the squat right at depth. WOW, no way! I can't believe it! Someone doing whatever they can to get the most they can out of a lift. Duh!

Anyway, there are good and bad lifts. There have always been good and bad lifts. Live with it people. Get stronger and STFU! Present company not withstanding. WBB rocks!

05-24-2013, 06:11 AM
Just cruising some other forums and am so frustrated about the idiocy I see. Really, people are complaining about Dan Green taking the slack out of the bar before he pulls.

Hah! Thats the anonymous web for ya. I guarantee you no ones complaining to his face.

As for pauses. I for one like the actual pause. Being 'raised' around IPF-only lifters, i just think ov a 1/4 to 1/2-second actual pause as being strict. But the last CPU (IPF) Nats i went to was beyond ridiculous. It got so bad, over the entire 5 day event that we actually started timing the calls, and the average was a full second. ONE woman was calling them about 1/2 second, and within a single flite she was 'corrected' for doing so. The longest pauses were quite literally 2 seconds long. Lots ov people complain about the losseness ov multi-ply feds, including me, but the 'joke' can go both ways. We saw that at Nationals. What is a one second pause supposed to prove...???

The REAL joke is the internet itself. I still remember when Mendolson started up a help thread on bbdotcom... and he was run off that forum pretty quick by the paintlickers and other assorted failed-abortions in that place....

05-24-2013, 07:17 AM
The lifter was Doug Young that I think your talking about. Stupid strong! I watched a couple of those videos on you tube from late 70s early 80s, I don't even think there was a press command for the lifts on TV. Bryant Gumble and Terry Todd were great too lol

05-24-2013, 07:33 AM
A long pause does nothing IMO but put a lifter at more risk for injury. Thats alot of stress on the very small pec muscles. Great post vin.

05-24-2013, 08:03 AM
Good post.
As you say, the rule says "motionless", not "paused": if you are a very cohordinated bencher, with good groove and strong bottom position, you get a very fast call.

Squat...there's no "parallel" in the rules: there is knee cap and hip crease: so, it will be lower than "parallel" and higher than Nazi-enforced ass-to-calves.

As J says, the ridicule can go in both directions.

05-24-2013, 09:17 AM
Some of the pauses I've seen look like full-blown pin presses.

05-24-2013, 02:38 PM
I agree about the pauses. I appreciate good judging, and absolutely hate shit like high squats being passed, but nothing is more annoying during a meet than when a judge gives you a 2 second pause on bench. Press command should be the instant the bar is completely motionless.

Chris Rodgers
05-24-2013, 08:00 PM
That talk on PL Watch about Dan Green's deadlift was absolutely ludicrous! Every time someone accomplishes an amazing feat in this sport of ours, someone will always feel the need to criticize, trash talk, or down play the accomplishment in some way. Just shut the fuck up and give credit where credit is due. :soapbox:

chris mason
05-24-2013, 09:44 PM
Lifters have ALWAYS pushed the rules envelope and even broken them. Those who have rose tinted views of past lifts are just whiny bitches with nothing better to do.

05-25-2013, 06:14 AM
Larry pacifico benched 565 at 242 in a full meet after a 700+ raw squat. An amazing feat still unduplicated. Ask any top lifter and they will say wow. Ask and self appointed critic and they site the soft handoff and heave. Ignore the critics and they go away.

05-25-2013, 11:57 AM
I've gotten to the point where I absolutely hate PLWatch as a website. It is something that really had the potential to be a central internet point for powerlifting... a website that could have brought everyone together... instead it was run by a person who made money off posting anonymously with posts like we see everywhere now days. Severe negative trolling was actively encouraged--for one reason, to make a buck.

When the website "changed" a couple of years ago, I got banned for pointing out the money that was being generated by advertisers for the webmaster there. I'll be the first to admit, I estimated what I thought might be a maximum number, but instead of correcting me, I got knocked out. Then I went through a spell where I was banned pretty much once a week for months. It then changed ownership again, and again.

I personally don't have an issue with the site, or them making money off the internet. I do have an issue with a website that really coddled to that douchebag attitude about EVERYTHING as a way to make money. And when its the number one google hit, it will attract more douchebags. I won't even get into the shit that I think has happened due to BB.com and a few other sites. I was a moderater on a forum long enough to just be amazed at how big of jerks people can be. And they do it for one reason...they can get by with it with no accountability in any way shape or form on the internet. We can disagree in person, I can tell Vinny he's a short guy with a big head to his face (I wouldn't say that, he's almost as tall as i am) and he can respond appropriately. On the internet, people can dish out, dish out, dish out and there is never any repercussions unless a group of guys decide to "meet" someone after a forum post...and that has happened.

I really think that that the negative attitudes have brewed in Powerlifting for as long as I've been involved in it---I did my first bench contest in the mid 1990's. There is a degree of ego and attitude for people as dumb as we are to literally risk major injury multiple times a week in an effort to "make ourselves stronger". That said, I think you combine this stupid "need to prove themselves" that so many people who dabble in this sport have--not what I consider a 'real' lifter, but the "bro"lifter, who does one, maybe 2 meets in their entire life or more likely the lifter who has never done a meet, but is constantly training for one or talking about how they live the "hardcore' life. They are basically full of shit, we all know that. But they have to prove they aren't anyway they can. Unfortunately going apeshit on the internet is the way they do it more often then not now days.

05-26-2013, 04:48 AM
On the internet, people can dish out, dish out, dish out and there is never any repercussions unless a group of guys decide to "meet" someone after a forum post...and that has happened.

This needs to happen more and more then.

Personally... no one online is going to get under my skin, but what actually does really piss me off about this phenomenon is that it drives those rare elite lifters that DO bother to register and post away. Give them a forum and some 170lb twat that does 2 1/2-plate deadlifts at the local rec center will tell Ed Coan he doesn't know how to deadlift. Some fist-pumping douche will tell Hoornstra he's benching wrong and some guy thats never even been to the dark side ov his Ballys Fitness will tell Louie Simmons how to use a bench shirt.

05-27-2013, 08:41 PM
It's gotten to the point where it's almost adorable.
Most top lifters are pretty cool, especially to eachother, from what I've seen and the people I've met.
When the internet nerds get all bent out of shape about a video it's getting funny to watch them light up.
So much jealousy, insecurity, and tiny little guys who are probably the baddest guy in an affliction tshirt in their local commercial gym who just can't stand to see people stronger than them.

Then only part about it that bothers me is when people take it seriously. I've been to a few meets where the pause has gotten ridiculous, and judges are getting really nitpicky for fear of some twerp on the internet not agreeing with their call.

My lifts are usually pretty clean, but I've gotten gifts before, just like I've had some bad calls as well.... anyone who competes has gotten the same. It's just the gym heros who don't know any better and want to work themselves up in a fit.

chris mason
05-27-2013, 09:12 PM
By the way, it is the internet, not the sport. Bodybuilding is the same way. This site would be the same way if I allowed it to be. Look at Getbig.com if you want to see bbing trolls on display.

05-28-2013, 08:38 AM
Some of the most smug and know-it-all type people are the ones you see in the gym that just got into powerlifting/crossfit/whatever and think they suddenly know more than everyone else.

big ragu
05-28-2013, 09:05 AM
I'll be the first to admit that I don't know shit about anything. I watch these videos, and pause or no pause I'm blown away by the strength of you guys. It's almost unreal, like the human body was never meant to lift anywhere near that much, and yet here you guys are doing it. I think the ones that bitch the most are the ones that can't do it.

05-29-2013, 05:29 AM
I think the ones that bitch the most are the ones that can't do it.


Has anyone else noticed that global warming is closely related to the popularity ov the internet? Seriously. All that hate has actually cranked the planet's temperature up a couple degrees in the past decade or so...