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06-14-2013, 09:39 AM
I have taken as many as three weeks light prior to a meet and have gone up to 90% the week before. Each time it seems a bit different. I don't like just doing something because it's on paper.

How do you all know what to do the weeks coming into a meet?

06-14-2013, 02:48 PM
Vin- Go by how your joints are feeling. But still do blood workouts. And I think no more than a week for downtime- Rest iws great...Rust is not.

06-14-2013, 06:16 PM
5 out: deload
4: 90% triple
3: reverse band heavy single.
2: single at 87-89% basically like working up to a opener
1: deload
0: meet.

06-16-2013, 02:49 PM
2 weeks out - Normal training. Should already know openers, likely taken them in the past month.
1 week out- de days normal, max effort days back off by not taking what would be my top set.
Week of- extra mobility work and stretching, no barbell exercises and little assistance for blood flow.
Keep in mind I'm doin west side, don't have a long lead up or 'peak' cycle and don't believe in takin openers really close to the meet.

Travis Bell
06-18-2013, 05:06 AM
I take openers 3 weeks out if I'm equipped. Two weeks out if I'm competing raw.

Week before a meet I do a lot of rehab workouts, short, about 30-40min and stretching. I do my worst when I sit and do nothing the week before.

06-18-2013, 08:06 AM
Normally I hit openers a week out then pretty much deload the week before. I just competed last weekend in a bench only meet that I went in to totally last minute. The week before I did shirted bench to a 2 board with 100 lbs of bands in my multi-ply shirt then did my normal squatting and pulling and my full DE day the Wed. before the comp. I competed single ply and did great. Felt stronger than normal. I'm thinking that if you don't feel beat up leading in to the meet a deload isn't totally necessary.