View Full Version : CAPO anyone?

08-11-2013, 10:20 AM
Watched some of the International Meet last night before going to bed. Looked like it has a good crowd going and some impressive raw weights being moved.

Anybody else catch it? I know V Dizenzo was chatting about it on their live feed.

I'm trying to find a good resource to list the results, and I'm having no luck. Any suggestions?

Seems like all the federations struggle to post results online almost immediately, you'd think with all the tech out there, it would all be instant and that way you can check if WR's are being broken etc. If not for the livestream chatting and the announcer, it would be tough to know what's going on and I'm still not sure if anything monumental occurred.

Great to see all those big names squat.

Travis Bell
08-11-2013, 07:26 PM
Pretty sure Brandon Lilly won the meet with a 2200+ total

Not really sure on much else. Heard Sam Byrd had a pretty big day squat wise as did Eric Lilliebridge

08-11-2013, 07:29 PM
Good times watching. It was after 2:00 am when the squats were over. I passed out on the couch and missed the rest. Sounds like Brandon and Eric both dominated going over 2200 raw. Byrd had a big squat but bombed the bench. The Russians were injured.

Brian Hopper
08-11-2013, 09:47 PM
Only numbers I found were:

Sam squatted 854@220
Hawthorne squatted 561 and pulled 601@130
Brandon pulled 815 and totaled 2237
Eric pulled 849 and totaled 2210