View Full Version : How could I implement Atlas stones into Sheiko?

10-02-2013, 05:54 PM
Title is pretty self-explanatory. I've never done strongman before, and I want to get into it. I can deadlift about 5 plates, and I tried to pick up a 200# stone and couldn't move it, so I'm really motivated to gain "functional" strength, whatever that means. I've already switched my Monday and Friday bench work with log press (I did this before just because I always thought it was a cool lift), but not sure how I could implement more strongman stuff into my routine, specifically Atlas stones.

I actually lift Tu-Th-Sa, and I can't lift MWF, but I can tolerate adding in a Sunday session. Would that be best, since doing deadlifts, and then rack pulls, and then deadlifts, and then Atlas stones would be overkill?

My gym has all the equipment and the space, but the Atlas stones' weight markers cannot be seen, as the tacky covers them all up, and I'm not really sure what other strongman stuff I'd have to do to be moderately proficient at the events. Is a single event day per week for stones and tires, in addition to my regular Sheiko work with the log press, enough to get decent at strongman events? Stamina isn't an issue. I'm a college running back, so I have decent stamina.

10-04-2013, 01:10 AM
Not to be a jerk but i dont know why you would ever do that. Just set up your own training program. You can do high frequency big 3 training and just practice the stones too. But dont try to plug in stones into sheiko, thats just butchering the program