View Full Version : Stronglifts and diet help?

12-11-2013, 10:01 AM
Hey! So I've decided to start Stronglifts. I've been lifting for a while but never really trained for strength. I'm 5' 11, 18 year old and 80kg and 17% body fat. My 1RM's are:
90kg squat
90kg bench press
140kg deadlift
60kg shoulder press
75kg BOR.

My TDEE comes out around 2500 calories, so I'm going to eat around 3000 calories a day. My meal plan looks a but like this:

50g whey protein
50g museli
450ml whole milk

50g bacon
2 eggs
40g cheese

50g bacon
140g chicken
200g potato

50g peanut butter
15g jam
15j choc spread
2 wholemeal bread

Post workout shake:
70g hurricane XS
350ml whole milk

This brings me to 2700 calories, 112g fat, 203g carbs, 212g protein.

This isnt including both college days food and work food (McDonald's)

What I'm asking is does that diet look all right? There will be things changed mosdt days so its not the same. But jsut for a base?