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07-25-2002, 04:09 PM
Ok, just finishing up on my first cut (lost about 8 pounds in the last three weeks.. Not quite as low a bodyfat as I was hoping (haven't tested, abs showing nice, can't find much fat on me but still a bit), but if I go any lower I'm going to end up a twig. Ripped, but a twig. (I'm 160 now at 5'11, so I kinda am already).

So, my life story over, here's my plan. Go back to maintence for one week, then into a bulking cycle for 1-1.5 months, maintence again, cutting cycle for about a month.. then repeat. Does anyone do this or think it's a good idea? I'm consuming about 1800 cals right now, so I don't really wanna shock the system and toss enough on for a bulk without giving it a rest from cutting, and the same deal when I go from bulk to cut.. That's my theory behind it. And the short cycles are cause I really don't like getting too much fat on me. I can gain it quick (lose it, too) so I'm a tad bit worried of going too long on bulking.

Second, how much should I start upping my calories to get out of cutting? Do I do it all at once, or go up a 100 a day? And last of all, with a ratio of 200g protein, 62g fat, and 100g carbs for my cutting cycle, what should I up when going to maintence/bulk (carbs, obviously.. but should I raise fat or protein as well?).


07-26-2002, 01:23 AM
When your bulking , bulk good , weight has to increase slowly.

Otherwise you will gain too much fat , and thats not what you want , so bulk for like 3-4 months and pack on some muscle.
Do no quick gains like you told its easy for you , it will not have the effect you want to have it.

Do it slowly and balanced , think thats the key , same goes for the cutting diet.

In the bulking fase , try to get 2000~2200 cals a day , try that 2 weeks and then hit the scale , see what i has done to you body , and measure bodyfat.

Keep track of it and adjust it.

07-26-2002, 06:23 AM
Wasn't really planning on maxing out on a bulk (eating everything and all that), was planning on doing it clean. You think 2000-2200 cals will be enough to bulk, when 1800 was cutting range? Was planning on going to around 2200 for the maintence part... But this is my first time actually paying attention to how much I eat as well as what I eat, so I'll give that range a go and see how my body is affected before upping it more (if need be).

And maybe I'll stretch out the bulk cycle a little bit longer. Never done a true one of these, so who knows how it will go. (and cutting goes on until I get the results I'm looking for. Nothing more).