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07-28-2002, 01:17 PM
hi i wasnt a very healthy person in my past time so i decided to do a diet to loose some bf and then start bbuilding. i started my diet in christmas i was at 21%bf now i am at 10-11% i have good abs but not defined and cizeled , and i started bbuilding seriously 2monthes ago(i dont use any supplements). 2weeks ago i stoped my diet to take a cheat meal,it was my 1st one since christmas so i ended up throwing everything , on the next day i ate a piece of cake and went sick for 2consecutive days!(in the toilet:mad: )
now i am back on my clean diet but the problem is i stoped loosing fat it seems the last layers of fat are very hard to loose!
so this is what i am intending to do for 3weeks before i travel ! i want to achieve some nice six packs!
i ll be doing 5days cardio sessions about 40mins each
my diet will be very high protein , low fats and very low carbs.
my carb intake will be only in 2 meals: 1) pre workout meal wich will consist of 2chicken breasts and a little bit of rice(complex carbs) and 2) my post workout wich will be a shake consisting of a cup of milk ,one banana and a spoon of honey folowed by 2chicken breasts an hour later
and for the rest of the day it will be only protein sources(chicken,fish sometimes shrimps...)
what do u think ?

07-29-2002, 02:43 PM
I think you should keep doing whatever got you from 21% to 10% and be patient.

The last little bit takes the longest and requires the most discipline.

07-30-2002, 11:58 AM
what did u do to drop 10%ish bf?

07-30-2002, 12:12 PM
Originally posted by SS-GOHAN
what did u do to drop 10%ish bf?

well mate all i did is to cut all my junk food! all the candies and the cakes! and started eating in a normal way cause i wasnt ! imagine we used to have an eating competition btw us! (me and my friends) to c who can manage to eat more chicken subs than the other!!! i once ate 4 large chicken subs in one night!!!!:D
and one month before summer i cuted all my dairy products +all type of fruits and now i have a nice shaped body! but my problem is now that i cant seem to loose more fats! maybe i need to incorporate to my diet some fish oil to c how it will react to it!
i am looking forward to be at 8%Bf!!! hope i ll achieve this by the end of august!!
well as u can read in my thread i had some time off but i was sick cause i cheated ! maybe my body was not ready to eat that large amount of carbs and fat after that big diet i did!

now i am back on track and i am training harder and i am incorporating some cardio session!
i ll keep u up with the results!