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07-28-2002, 07:32 PM
Hey i was just curious as to how many fat grams i should be getting a day. The main reason i ask is that i am having trouble getting 200 grams of protein a day unless i drink 2 protein shakes and i dont wanna do that.
I would rather stick to one shake a day and get the rest from foods. Tuna is a favorite source of protein for me! However i get burnt out on just eating plain tuna all the time and i wanna put 1tbsp of mayo in their with it.
I never get tired of tuna and mayo sandwiches! All i am worried about is the fat content. On average right now i am getting around 40 - 50 fat grams a day without the mayo.
I weigh 200 now and i lift for mass and strength. So is there a reason why a lot of weight lifters and bodybuilders just eat plain tuna all the time? Is it ok to put 1tbsp of mayo in my tuna and not exceed a fat or some other nutrient limit?

thanks :strong:

Paul Stagg
07-29-2002, 08:44 AM
Most eat tuna because it's cheap.

Your # of grams of fat will depend on how your diet is structured.

A little may won't hurt you.

07-29-2002, 12:58 PM
I'm eating a diet consisting of 50% fat and I'm not fat, nor am I gaining fat.

I eat tuna every day with lunch and I make it with a combination of Ranch Dressing (2 tbsp.) Canola Oil (2 tbsp.) and 80 grams chopped celery.

I've been on a relatively high fat bulking (3350 calories) diet for about 6 weeks as an experiment after a cutting diet and I'm having success.

I'm not afraid of fat anymore, carbs. seem to be the determining factor in gaining/losing body fat.

I weighed 190 after dieting, but weighted 215 prior to, although I was not "fat" at 215, I did have excess tissue stored around the midsection and lower back like most persons. I now weight 195, got a 32.5" waist and have had no measurable fat gain since increasing calories from 2,200 daily to the current 3,350.

Worked for me, maybe it will for you.