View Full Version : Eating alot more but more hungry than before...

07-29-2002, 10:31 PM
I have recently been eating alot better. Eating alot more and alot better food but for some reason i am always hungry. I haven't been eating alot by u guys standards probobly, but i have been eating alot more. I have been eating 4- 5 meals a day... fairly large meals. I would say that every day this week i have eaten probobly like 3,4x more than any other day in as long as i can remember. As much as i eat, though, i am always hungry. I remember hearing something about how fat is what fills ur hunger and wondering if the reason i always wanna eat is because i have been eating very little fat. I also drink alot of water during the day which used to fill my stomach, but it doesn't seem to anymore. Any reasons why?

07-29-2002, 11:41 PM
That's all a good sign with several factors contributing to it. Part of it is your metabolism picking up by eating 4-5 meals so your body is more effecient at digesting/burning calories. Also, when you eat a lot it tends to expand the lining of the stomach increasing your appitite. Finally, by eating less fatty/carb filled foods your probably eating lighter foods that are more easily digested, therfore allowing you to eat more often.

By the way, don't cut fat out of your diet entirely. Stay away from saturated fats but do eat good fats... there are several threads on the forum discussing poly/mono/saturated etc fats. Also, part of being hungry so often can be a mental thing too... I know it is for me. I know I have to eat a lot so I mentally psych myself up for it and force it down. It all becomes automatic eventually.