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07-30-2002, 11:12 AM
My Journal, i thought i would rewrite this 1st post.

im 18, i live in sydney and i have been going to the gym since around may and ive been lifting weights since june,
i used to weigh 215lbs around 2 years ago, now i weigh 183lbs
before i went to the gym i weighed 200lbs i was doing cardio twice a week and also playing soccer.
atm im trying to cut and gain at the same time wich is harder and only gets harder as you go. ive divided this journal into months, wich isnt a calender month, just 4 weeks wich is how often i will be changing my targets and routine.
next month im gonna be cutting, hopefully i will be able to lose 1kg a week, wich im sure is possible for me, and im gonna try my best to do so, my target weight is around 165lbs once i reach that i will be bulking on a low fat, med carb, high protien diet.
atm im trying low carbs, high protien, my diets arnt accurate, i cant write down how many cals im consuming i just try to eat mostly protien and not much carbs or fat.

stuff left blank i will fix up later, im gonna add bf% and other things soon.
1st month isnt accurate, and 2nd month isnt a full routine.
on the 3rd month when i will start cutting im gonna be doing 12-15 reps for all excersises, i will try and keep things acurate, atm some excersises im doing are still new to me and i gotta take it easy.

07-30-2002, 11:13 AM
~1st Month
Age: 18
Weight: 86kgs
Target: Tone Muscles and Lose Fat.
Supps: 26gs of protien after weights (once a week)

No routine
No Logs

Seated Chest Press 50lbs 10x3
pecdec 30lbs 10x3
preacher Curl 15kgs 10x3
Tricep Pulldown 10x3
Incline Bench 30lbs 10x2 8x1
Lat Pulldown 50lbs(?) 10x3
Seated Rows 60lbs 10x3

2 hours of cardio per week (2 sessions)
30 mins on bike
30 mins on row machine

~2nd Month
Weight: 83kgs
Target: Bulk
Supps: Daily:
150-200gs Protien,
~5gs l-glutamine (1 g in the morning, 1 during day, 2.5 after workout, 1 before bed, this shits more expensive then drugs)
Multivitamin(1 after workout)
100mg Zinc sulfate 50mg magnesium sulfate (1 after workout)
500mg vit c, (250mgs whenever, 250mgs after workout)
ginseng (16mg? 30mins-1hr before workout)

Chest Back
No particular Order

Benchpress 15kgs 3x8
Incline Bench 40lbs 8x3
flys ? 8x3
dips ? 8x3
Pecdec 30lbs 8x3 (FULL ROM THIS TIME)

Asisted Chin Ups ?
Shrugs 20kgs 2x8
Seated Rows 80lbs " 3x8
Lat Pulldown 70lbs " 4x8

Seated Leg Press 200lbs 10x8
Seated Calf Press 160lbs 8x8


Day 4
Shoulders Tris Biceps
No particular Order

shoulder press 8 reps 1x 9kgs 2x13kgs
DB Upright Row 15kgs 8x3
DB Row (with elbows out) 8reps 1x9kg 1x10kg 1x12kg 1/2kg

Close Grip Bench 8 reps 1x10kg 2x15kg
DB tricep extensions 8 reps 2x10 1x9
Tricep Dip 2x15kg 1x19kg

Preacher Curls 8kgs 8x3
Curls with Twist (not listed on EXRX.net) 9kgs 8x3

Day 5,6,7 off or cardio

07-30-2002, 11:22 AM
Since ive been taking glutamine, the only diffrences ive noticed is less weakness in the muscles after training, and weight gain(from water?)

07-30-2002, 11:27 AM
i had clicking shoulder joints for 1 month from doing side laterals with 7.5 kgs ~8 reps, without warming up.
gonna see a doc tommorow.

1st they clicked only when doing the side lateral raise, now they click with other movements.

rotator cuff gives in on flys, doesnt click, i just feel a pain in the rotator cuff area like lactic acid building up.

will post tommorow doctors results, most probly a shoulder subluxation(partial dislocation)

08-01-2002, 12:55 AM
i finished this week

i havent seen the doc yet about my shoulders, the only clicking i got was from my right shoulder on shoulder press.

day thurs.
my chest recovered today

my legs have been sore for the past 2 days, but there abit better today, i still walk like a robot though

back is still abit sore but not really noticable

traps never got doms (poor form didnt hold the weight up)

calfs are sore when stretched

08-02-2002, 09:02 AM
did some manual labour today wich really killed my triceps and shoulders, i think i may be overtraining, my muscles probly shouldnt be this sore, my legs are still pretty sore but better than yesterday and the day before.
for some reason i could only do 8kgs on preacher curls on thursday where as i could do 15kgs last month and i did 10kgs last week(was taking it easy). so either my muscles are catobolising(spl?) or im overtraining, if it is sleep levels or energy levels then i would prefere to decrease my training rather than upping my food intake and sleep.
ive been getting 6-10hrs sleep each night.
although today i ate quite alot, but most of it was junk food.

im gonna decrease all my sets to 2 for each excersise next week, im also gonna try proper form instead of heavier weight.

i still haveto score some glutamine and see the physiotherapist.

08-03-2002, 01:00 PM
went clubbing on sat night, wasnt sore, my legs fatigued though, and my traps were dead by the end of the night, i had a protien drink when i got home, i dont feel thirsty but i should drink water anyway.
my arms are slightly more toned than last week, my abs are starting to come out when i suck in my gut.
by next month i should have a 4pack when i suck in my gut and tense. i might start doing some crunches here and there to help.

08-03-2002, 09:13 PM
Originally posted by MaFi0s0

i still haveto score some glutamine and see the physiotherapist.

Is this difficult to find in Sydney? Likely good idea to see the doc or physio. for the shoulder. It always seems to be tough one to heal.

08-03-2002, 09:16 PM
score like the score in your avatar?

08-04-2002, 04:40 AM
nah its easy to find its just expensive, $80 for 500gs i think.
and $15 for 25gs.

and thats a bottle of glutamine in my avatar.

08-05-2002, 12:25 AM
i just got back from physio, im loose jointed, and i have some hyperflex or something problem, i cant do lat raises or shoulder press, i gotta push my shoulderblades in for all the excersises, and i got rotator cuff and delt excersises i haveto do, the clicking will go away eventually, maybe in a month or 2.
so no more shoulder sets for now.

08-05-2002, 03:35 AM
another half-assed gym session, today i did chest and back again, i fixed up my form on bench press halfway through the sets, i was using tris too much.
so today i did my tris aswell.

warm up sets are 15 reps
rest are 8reps

lat pulldown
1x 50lbs
2x 70lbs
1x 80lbs

shrugs (held for 2 seconds)

seated rows
2x 80lbs

5 x 20kgs

incline bench
2x 30lbs
1x 40lbs

1x 40lbs

08-05-2002, 10:33 AM
screw this, im switching to HST after this week, i should of expected some strength gains through HIT but no, i havent.

08-06-2002, 11:59 AM
im eating alot this week cause its gonna be my last week for awhile where i can eat whatever i want.
next week im gonna be trying to lose 1kg a week for 10 weeks
my next routine

~3rd Month
Height: 177cms
Weight: 83.5kgs
Target: lose 1 kg per week for 10 weeks and maintain muscle mass
20gs Whey Protien (after workout),
~7gs l-glutamine (2 gs every morning, 5gs after weights)
Multivitamin(1 after every workout)
vit c (3x250mgs daily)
ginseng+bvits (16mg? 30mins-1hr before every workout)
1 grapefruit whenever daily

30sec rest between sets
gotta fit this all in in 45mins

Benchpress 20kgs 2x10
flys ? 2x10
dips ? 2x10
Pecdec 30lbs 2x10
Asisted Chin Ups ?
Shrugs 12.5kgs 2x10
Seated Rows 60lbs " 2x10
Lat Pulldown 70lbs " 2x10
DB Row (with elbows out) 12+kg 2x10
Close Grip Bench 15kg 2x10
tricep pulldown(ropes) 2x10
Preacher Curls 8kgs 8x3
Curls with Twist (not listed on EXRX.net) 10+kgs 2x10
Seated Leg Press ?? 3x10
Seated Calf Press 160lbs 2x10

50mins of cardio

50mins of cardio

Day 4
30sec rest between sets
gotta fit this all in in 45mins

Benchpress 20kgs 2x10
flys ? 2x10
dips ? 2x10
Pecdec 30lbs 2x10
Asisted Chin Ups ?
Shrugs 12.5kgs 2x10
Seated Rows 60lbs " 2x10
Lat Pulldown 70lbs " 2x10
DB Row (with elbows out) 12+kg 2x10
Close Grip Bench 15kg 2x10
tricep pulldown(ropes) 2x10
Preacher Curls 8kgs 8x3
Curls with Twist (not listed on EXRX.net) 10+kgs 2x10
Seated Leg Press ?? 3x10
Seated Calf Press 160lbs 2x10

more cardio

day 6
cardio at a club :p

day 7


next meal(brunch, morning tea, whatever u wanna call it)


swordfish, tuna, salmon

late night
whatever source of protien is in the house.

im gonna run outta stuff to eat =/
i will edit the food list later, cant say how many calories im having causenot all the food i buy has "nutritional infomation" on it

08-06-2002, 01:08 PM
This site might help you calculate some of your calories:


08-07-2002, 03:49 AM
thanks man, thats a pretty usefull site, they got everything there

08-08-2002, 12:31 AM
just testing my sig

08-08-2002, 08:49 AM
today was the last day of the gym before i start cutting.
ive been eating alot this week, good thing is i havent put on any fat.
i had beef ribs yesterday and today, and im gonna eat burger king and kfc, before sunday, cause after that its all healthy for 2 1/2 months :cry:
god help me.

i made up at the gym today for my half gym session on monday.

in order

Chest Press 50lbs(15reps) 70lbs(10reps) 80lbs(8reps) 90lbs(8reps)

pecdec 30lbs 1x10 full ROM

Close Grip Bench 15kg 1x8
" 1x~6 (failure)

pecdec 30lbs 1x10 full ROM

bicep Curls with Twist 9kg 1x10
10kg 2x20

skull crushers 10kg 1x10
12.5kg 2x10 (failed halfway on last set)

DB row 12.5kg 1x10
15kg 2x8

assisted Tricep Dips 83kgs - 59kg 2x8

Preacher curls - didnt do them

08-08-2002, 08:53 AM
i asked for the results of my fitness test today at the gym.
these are the results from when i 1st started going.

weight 88kg

height 177cm 5'11"

chest 99.5cm
hips 105.5cms
arm 33cms
waist 95cms
thigh 61cms

sit and reach 16cms

aerobic power
25.53 ml/O2/kg.min

08-09-2002, 06:20 AM
ive noticed when i look in the mirror im bigger, but i look more "big bone" than fat.
i hate big bone, i wanna cut.

ive decided to do this

take the next week off from lifting, and just do cardio,
im getting half a kilo of glutamine tommorow :D :D :D :D :D

then for 9 weeks im gonna work just shoulders chest and lats, in a hst style, while doing mostly cardio, if i cant lose 2 kilos in the 2nd and 3rd week, im gonna stop lifting for the 7 remaining weeks.

can i get some opinions on the above paragraph, maybe i should try hit training if i cant cut with hst, or should i just forget about lifting all together?

08-11-2002, 12:32 PM
all i have been eating for the past 3 days is kfc, burger king, maccas, and choclate, good news is i havent put on any weight.

now its a 10 week long diet with no cheat days,
im cutting out all fast food, choclate and softdrink, and full cream milk and cheese, anything with a high fat content.

and im gonna do cardio almost every day.

so far my menu consists of

sustain cereal.
low fat milk
whey protien
grapefruit juice
tuna in water
egg white
skinless chicken
red meat (fat taken off)
2litres of water a day
5gs of glutamine a day

add to the list, please.
i cant live off this for 10 weeks

08-13-2002, 01:53 PM
yesterday i did 50 mins of cardio and drank 1 litre of water, and for some reason when i went to the toilet, i went for ages, then i went again like 2 hours later (i hadnt even dranken anything inbetween)

then when i woke up this morning my scales said 81kg from the usual 83, i thought they were broken.

i also did 20 mins of cardio today, i just weighed myself now and instead of it saying 84 it says 83kg(i always weigh 1 kilo more at night) o_0

it cant be water weight.
i havent checked my strength cause this is my week off from the gym.
ive been taking 5gs of glutamine a day so i dont lose lean mass.
2gs in the morning 1 before and 1 after workout, 2 before bed.

the only thing unsual is i got the flu and i had a panadol(paracetamol(sp?) in australia).

08-19-2002, 07:09 AM
i went to the gym today, i felt pretty weak, but after my muscles got pumped i was stronger than before,
i went up a bar on pecdec and chest press.

im having problems with my left shoulder on pecdec when im all the way back.

im taking a new supp, "mens multivitamin" it has some odd minerals like selenium, chromium and biotin. some help to lose fat and gain muscle, im gonna see how it goes.

i havent been eating right or doing cardio everyday, i should start to get into my new routine.

08-27-2002, 10:01 AM
time for an update before this goes into the 3rd page.

weight 81kgs

i havent kept up with my diet, ive been eating alot more, not too much junkfood though, its hard though when youve been out clubbing and walking for 6 hours and the only thing open is burger king.

the 1st week back from my one week break i felt weak.
this week(2nd week) ive gone up in lifts, im finally training my pecs with proper form and i can do 2 full sets with 4 bars on pecdec, before i could only do 1 set with 4 bars, also on seated rows i have gone up to 4 bars, thats 60lbs to 80lbs, also went up from 12.5kg to 15kg on shrugs(dbs not bb).
i was doing 15kg on benchpress with proper form, i tried 17kg but could only do 4 reps.
i had a pretty good workout despite i was tired as hell and hadnt had much to eat.

edit: i just cracked my wrist joints for the 1st time o_0

08-29-2002, 01:53 PM
ok seeing as though i cant be fucked cutting cause i HAVETO lift, ive decided i might aswell bulk, ive been eating good for the past 2 days, i stocked up on tuna, im eating 2 cans of tuna a day thats 50gs of protien + all the other stuff i eat, if i dont make a reasonable gain in strength at the gym by next week hopefully that will demotive me into bulking and i will start cutting.

09-07-2002, 01:01 PM
ive had a very lazy week this week, didnt goto the gym, but i still managed to do pushups almost every day, i can do 10 pushups with full rom, from my chin and stomach touching the ground all the way up with straight elbows, it pumps my pecs aswell.

ive noticed i havent eaten as much this week, i guess my body is familiar with the whole recovery process and i go get more hungry when im sore.

it will be interesting to see if i will make any noticable gains in the next 2-3 weeks

my metabolism seems to be doing pretty good, my average weight atm is 82.5 kgs.

im gonna do alot of cardio next week for sure and get under 80kg, **** the rules about losing no more than 2lbs a week.

09-09-2002, 01:04 AM
i took these when i 1st started, these arnt really comparable because im in dif positions,
once i lose 2-3 kgs i will post some more pics for comparision.

10-19-2002, 05:41 AM
change of plans, i have started creatine.

i took another week off i went back to the gym, i didnt lose any strength, i put on a kilo in fat though wich i will try and lose, i have a full time job now so i got money, i brought a kilo of creatine, this is my 2nd day of the loading phase, im drinking about 2 litres of water a day its really soaking up all my fluids, i have already noticed a slight increase in strength.

i will take some pictures 1 week after the loading phase

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